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September 16, 2018

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Sizzling Sinigang Na Bulalo ($17.50)

It might be said that Filipino cuisine is a culinary anthropologist’s playground.

With about 144 distinct ethnolinguistic groups throughout more than 7,000 islands of the Philippine archipelago, there are infinite flavors to be explored.

Sinigang Na Bulalo soup ($17.50)

Quite a few of these flavors can be found throughout Max’s of Manila’s menu. In fact, starting this month, customers can try variations of a delicious traditional soup called bulalo. Believed to have originated in Southern Luzon, in the Philippines’ famed cattle country, bulalo begins with a beef broth rich with fat and collagen.

According to general manager Maly San Luis, Max’s now offers a quartet of bulalo dishes at its two Oahu locations. “The main ingredient is a cross-cut beef shank simmered for hours to achieve tenderness and flavor,” notes San Luis.

Sizzling Nilagang Bulalo with gravy ($16.95)

Nilagang Bulalo (Osso Buco Soup), at $16.95, has a subtly complex natural flavor from the shank. It’s loaded with corn, bok choy and cabbage, and is served in a big soup bowl, enough to feed three or four diners.

For those who like a little drama with their beef, Sizzling Nilagang Bulalo (Sizzling Osso Buco with Gravy, $16.95) is a blazing-hot platter of this savory dish.

Nilagang Bulalo soup ($16.95)

Similarly flavored, but with tamarind for added tang, Sinigang Na Bulalo (Osso Buco Tamarind Soup, $17.50) features tomato, daikon, long beans, ong choi, onions, and serrano chili. Sizzling Sinigang Na Bulalo (Sizzling Osso Buco with Tamarind Gravy), for the same price, is a tasty pyrotechnic version of this dish.

“The sizzling dishes are to be eaten with rice, while the soups may be eaten alone or with rice,” explains San Luis.

“Most of our customers prefer the latter.”

The bulalo specials (available until the end of the year) and other Max’s delights are available for dining in, phone and online takeout orders, and for delivery through Bite Squad, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

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