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June 11, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Galbi ($28.95)

It’s safe to say you can bank on authenticity when it comes to the Korean food at Seoul Jung in Waikiki Resort Hotel, as Korean Air owns both.

And while the restaurant and hotel mostly see Korean Air crew members, and tour groups and diners from Korea, food and beverage manager Edwin Dagdag invites locals to taste the flavors of Korea’s capital city, Seoul, at the eatery.

Dig into delicious meals such as the popular rice dish Dolsot Bibimbap ($18.95), which offers an array of colorful ingredients, including bulgogi beef, bean sprouts, carrots, choy sum, kosari (fernbrake) and fried egg, all served in a hot stone bowl. Gochujang, or Korean red chili paste, is added for flavor and spice.

Seoul Jung also offers yakiniku barbecue, tabletop stove dishes and set menus for lunch and dinner. And extra incentive for locals: the eatery upholds a kamaaina senior discount of 20 percent off for those 55 and older.


Seoul Jung will launch an updated menu Wednesday with new items such as Mandoo Jeongol ($20.95). The dish is cooked on a tabletop stove with scrumptious mandoo dumplings, slices of quality beef, seasonal veggies, noodles and a slurp-worthy beef broth. Some returning items on the jazzed-up menu include Galbi ($28.95), which serves up seemingly endless slices of succulent barbecued beef that arrive on a sizzling plate. The dish also is called “big-bone kalbi,” according to food and beverage manager Edwin Dagdag, and he mentions that Sliced Galbi also is available for the same price.

Seoul Jung

Waikiki Resort Hotel
2460 Koa Ave., Waikiki
Daily, lunch: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.; dinner: 5-9:30 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96815

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