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July 16, 2011

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Ask any of my close family and friends and they’ll tell you that I’m a full-fledged traveler and foodie at heart — I live to eat and travel. My most recent venture took me to New York City last month, the concrete jungle where dreams are made. You could definitely say it was a vacation to remember, as I wined and dined with friends and family, shopped to Sex and the City standards, met the Today Show‘s Ann Curry, caught a few Broadway shows and even saw my favorite singer Lea Salonga perform live at The Carlyle on the Upper East Side. Who could ask for more, right? Well, better yet, upon my return home I noticed that despite all the eating that took place, I somehow managed to drop a few pounds (thanks to all the walking I did)!

However, this week, with a gigantic pork chop craving before me, I hit up some of the most incredible restaurants our island has to offer, that in fact credit themselves on serving up some of the best pork chops in town.

I couldn’t resist. It’s now safe to say that all those pounds I thought I had left for good in NYC have miraculously reappeared, all thanks to these “Ono, You Know” pork chops — but no complaints here! Eat up!

Kit n Kitchen

  • The editor is ready to take a bite out of Kit n Kitchen's tantalizing Pork Chop Chimichurri.
  • Kit n Kitchen's Pork Chop Chimichurri ($13.95)
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The best of both worlds collided when Kit and May Yiu opened the Euro-Asian eatery Kit n Kitchen back in 2001 on University Avenue. And since then, I can proudly say that I am a big fan of its zesty, to-die-for cuisine. Being a Eurasian girl myself, I really can’t go wrong — there’s not one item on the menu I don’t like. Believe me, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the menu options that you’ll want to sample them all!

No matter what you order here, a plethora of exotic and tasty flavors will consume your palate with the very first bite.

“Our most popular pork chop dish is the Pork Chop Chimichurri ($13.95),” Kit says.

This tasty dish showcases tender pieces of bone-in pork chop that are charcoal-grilled to perfection and then smothered with Kit’s personal chimichurri sauce.

“Chimichurri sauce is originally from South America and features a blend of parsley, garlic, onion and olive oil — it’s very healthy and tasty,” he exclaims.

“The sauce does have a touch of spice, but customers seem to speak very highly of our sauce here.”

Available for lunch and dinner, the enticing entree comes complete with mixed vegetables and your choice of rice or spaghetti.

Also, make it a point to devour Kit’s Mushroom Pork Chop ($11.95) and PM Pork Chop ($11.95).

Kit n Kitchen
1010 University Ave. Varsity Center
(808) 942-7622
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Anytime Cafe

  • Anytime Cafe's Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice ($11.95)
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Let me just say that I’m addicted to Anytime Cafe, which serves up anything and everything I crave at all hours of the day and night. Good eats is what it’s all about here — be it pasta, won ton, pizza and more — this Market City Shopping Center establishment has it all!

It’s all about pork chops this week, and trust me, Anytime Cafe owners Ken and Cindy Wong sure know the secrets to serving up the pork chop of all pork chops that is succulently delicious — the Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice ($12.95).

A Hong Kong favorite, this dish features three tender pieces of pork chops topped with a melted mozzarella cheese and paired with a zesty tomato sauce, which according to Cindy, is made from a secret recipe.

“Our tomato sauce has a hint of sweetness to it, really adding to the dish,” Cindy explains, noting that the Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice is a highly requested item on the menu.

The tender morsels of pork chops are then garnished with savory sauteed onions and served on a bed of mouthwatering fried rice.

Better yet, your meal also comes with two pieces of piping hot garlic bread and your choice of soup or salad.

Anytime Cafe
Market City Shopping Center
2919 Kapiolani Blvd. #218
(808) 735-3888
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New Liu’s Chop Suey

  • New Liu's signature dish Salt and Pepper Pork Chop on rice ($4.75 half order, $7.95 full order)
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When it comes to Chinese cuisine, my list of favorite dishes runs the gamut, but, honestly, a Chinese meal isn’t complete without an inviting order of Salt and Pepper Pork Chops to intrigue your appetite.

Owner Henry Liu opened the doors to New Liu’s Chop Suey in Kamehameha Shopping Center in 2002, and says diners have flocked to this Kalihi eatery to satisfy their meaty cravings.

New Liu’s Chop Suey’s famous Salt and Pepper Pork Chop on rice runs for a reasonable price of $4.75 (half order) and $7.95 (full order). According to Liu, he was taught this recipe by his mentors, and over the years has made it his own by adding his signature twist.

“Just the smell alone is inviting,” says Liu of the pork chops. “We marinate the pork chops with a variety of spices, including Chinese five spice, pepper, salt and of course a lot of garlic,” he adds.

“Then we fry the pork chops to a crispy golden brown and lastly garnish it with more slivers of garlic, red chili pepper and some white wine.”

If you have yet to experience the wonders of this incredible dish, wait no longer and head down to New Liu’s Chop Suey — you’ll be more than glad you did.

New Liu’s Chop Suey
Kamehameha Shopping Center
1620 N. School St.
(808) 841-8668
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