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Step Up to the Plate

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

By Abby Sadoy
June 28, 2015

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This week, elegance meets versatility in Restaurant Row and Waikiki Beach. Ruth’s Chris Steak House welcomes its diners to an exquisite ambiance where fine dining is seen from corner to corner. Customers anticipating a worthwhile meal won’t be disappointed with its top-notch courses. Already known for its USDA prime beef, the restaurant highlights a dish worthy for anyone’s hunger satisfaction, whether you’re craving an appetizer or an entrĂ©e. This week’s featured dish overlaps in both territories. Mix some raw meat, some greens, and pieces of baguette. The result? Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s Beef Carpaccio ($21). The dish, which can be eaten “open-faced sandwich” style, livens up the taste buds with an essence so light and crisp — especially when served with complementary red wine. This dynamic, traditional Italian dish delivers a real nice balance of flavors, leaving you unhesitant to mess with its already beautiful presentation. A delicious and memorable taste is the perfect reward.


The restaurant sells nearly two-dozen plates a night of this dish, and according to executive chef Eser Domingo, “Plates usually come back clean. Sometimes people ask for more.”

Mixed veggies, such as Romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce and arugula are generously garnished with the restaurant’s own house dressing along with an extra sweet topping of shaved Parmesan cheese. All ingredients are fresh and local.

After being frozen, the filet is cut raw into fine, thin slices, then lightly dressed with the restaurant’s house Caesar dressing and fresh pepper.

This finely cut French baguette is first spread with butter and toasted in the oven at 200 degrees. It is then topped with grated Romano cheese and baked until it is nice and crisp.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Restaurant Row, 500 Ala Moana Blvd.
Dinner: 5pm-10pm, daily

266 Lewers St.
Dinner: 5pm-10pm, daily