Darling dumplings of NYC

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February 9, 2020

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

From New York City to Brooklyn, the Polish pierogies dish (pronounced puh-ro-geez), aka Polish dumplings, is a hot commodity in a city that offers an endless array of cuisine from a melting pot of cultures.

Boasting both simplicity and bursting with undeniable flavor, there can never be too much pierogies to go around. Here are just a few spots in the Big Apple to poke your heads into for a bite of this traditional favorite.

1. Veselka
East Village
144 Second Ave., New York
(212) 228-9682

Located in Lower Manhattan, Veselka serves as a reliable and beloved Ukrainian coffee shop to locals and visitors, just as it always has during its 66 years of business. In addition to serving dishes like borscht and goulash, a big hit among customers falls in Veselka’s Polish pierogies. Churning out more than 3,000 of these tasty bad boys a day, Veselka’s homemade pierogies come in several variations. Opt for yours to be boiled or fried and have them stuffed with a selection of four or eight of the following: meat; potato; cheese; arugula and goat cheese; sauerkraut and mushroom; or broccoli and cheddar. Additionally, diners can go for the Short Rib Pierogi and Buffalo Chicken Pierogi.


2. Pierogi Boys
DeKalb Market Hall
445 Albee Square, W. Brooklyn
(929) 368-2768

As one of the new kids on the block, Pierogi Boys opened its doors in 2017 to the joy of New Yorkers and its visitors. This Polish pierogi-centric eatery features the dumplings in all of its main courses, which are handmade daily in-house. There’s no getting more authentic than this, as Pierogi Boys was opened by a duo of Polish natives, Krzysztof Poluchowicz and Andrzej Kinczyk who aim to share the love of good food and good company for everyone who stops by. Nibble on its three classic fillings: potato and cheese; sauerkraut and mushroom; and meat (braised beef cheeks and pork butt). “All of our recipes, even though traditional, come from Andrzej’s family — that includes our secret dough recipe, for which we are asked every day!” share The Boys.


3. Baba’s Pierogies
295 3rd Ave., Brooklyn (plus one other location in Brooklyn)
(718) 222-0777

Boasting a simple yet contemporary vibe, Baba’s Pierogies serves as a relaxing retreat for hungry patrons to get their pierogi on. The couple who started the eatery, originally set up shop in their home kitchen as a catering service. As its popularity grew, they moved into a full-service restaurant. The pierogies are a nostalgic tribute to Grandma’s (aka Baba’s) recipes, with added modern fl air, who would excitedly make the dumplings every Friday at her house for everyone who came over.


4. Dziupla
194 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn
(718) 388-6194

The Polish-American restaurant, Dziupla, offers diners locally sourced fresh organic ingredients with a menu focused on sharing traditional Polish cuisine with an American twist. Enter creative renditions of pierogi, such as Dziupla’s staple Mac & Cheese Pierogies slathered in bacon and cheese sauce. It gets even better at Dziupla, as guests can revel in a pierogi happy hour of 50 percent off the sought-after dumpling. Catch the special Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m.


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