Shiro’s Saimin Haven

Step Up to the Plate

January 6, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO


According to Merriam-Webster, “haven” is defined as a place of safety, and a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions. True to its name, Shiro’s Saimin Haven provides both refuge and tasty opportunities in welcoming conditions.

With saimin bowls galore, Shiro’s offers visitors a myriad of ways to pacify appetites and moods. Having been in operation since the late ’60s, the beloved restaurant now offers more than 60 ways to enjoy saimin, whether hot or cold, including a “make your own” option.

“Shiro’s … where Saimin-making is an art and a personalized production. We use fresh, raw saimin, never precooked instant saimin, made in our own factory using special recipe handed down for three generations,” boasts the eatery’s menu.

What’s more, Shiro’s offerings also include sandwiches, “Hamburgas,” desserts, fried noodles and an array of entrees ranging from seafood and Hawaiian plates to mixed plates. Plus, the restaurant didn’t forget about the “most important meal of the day.”

Breakfast can also be enjoyed daily until noon.

The exuberant staff at Shiro’s also shares that its 50th anniversary is coming up, so be on the lookout for upcoming specials sure to please.

With its main location in Waimalu Shopping Center, it’s the perfect locale for a meal break from exploring nearby Pearlridge Center or the shopping vicinity itself. Another incentive includes a newly renovated parking lot for smooth sailing in and out of the area.

The best part awaits

Two kinds of fishcake, tofu cubes and chopped green onions sit atop a swirly collection of fresh, Shiro’s saimin noodles and lettuce underneath.

Shiro’s Special Sauce

Dip into this favored flavoring consisting of sushi vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and shoyu.

Say ‘yes’ to nori

Strips of black seaweed add light flavor to the mix and also can be used to form bite-sized noodle musubis!

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