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August 5, 2018

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Roast Duck with Funn in Soup ($9.95)

Fix your taste buds on Asian Mix, an affordable, convenient way to get your fill of highest quality Chinese, Japanese and local-style foods.

Daniel Leung, the restaurant’s devoted owner, explains after 20 years of previously partnering at a full-service, sit-down restaurant, he decided to open Asian Mix. Leung’s venture provides guests with the same quality food as other dine-in restaurants but provides customers with faster service and better prices.

Leung shares that the average wait time for an order is only 5-10 minutes, and food still is perfectly cooked to order.

“It’s the same (quality) as sit-down dining, but we save rent and are able to lower the price and sell more,” Leung explains.

Ninety percent of the orders are takeout, although there are some tables available for lunch or dinner patrons. Customers can get in and out in no time, as the eatery, conveniently located on Beretania Street (below Safe-way), offers ample parking.

Barbecue Pork and Ginger Chicken on Rice ($9.95)

Guests rave about the synthesis of many Asian and local flavors found in the eatery’s juicy roasted meats, ramen and soup bowls, mixed plates and Chinese a la carte orders. Just a few of the most popular items people adore are Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken and Lamb with Fresh Leek, Leung notes.


Asian Mix is famous among customers for the delicious flavors found in its meat dishes. One of them is Roast Duck with Funn in Soup ($9.95). This generously portioned savory duck-filled dish takes at least 24 hours to prepare. And it all begins with selecting the perfectly sized duck, which then goes through a multi-step cooking process to obtain the desired color and texture. The sauce used to flavor the duck is a secret recipe that people can’t get enough of. Once the duck is cooked to perfection, it is bathed in a yummy soup base and surrounded by vivid green vegetables such as choy sum and green onions. Owner Daniel Leung believes that funn is the best type of noodle to accent this menu item. However, customers also can substitute ramen or wonton noodles, if they wish.

Another popular dish is Barbecue Pork and Ginger Chicken on Rice ($9.95), which also features quality meats, delicious sauces, and requires intensive preparation. For instance, the cook must apply honey on the outside of the pork to add sweetness and prevent it from drying out. The other meat selection found in this pleasing plate is ginger chicken, which is coated with a tasty green sauce — people often buy the sauce separately to take home and use on other foods. Both the pork and chicken are placed atop a bed of Japanese rice.

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