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February 5, 2017

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Abekawa Mochi ($7.35)

Abekawa Mochi ($7.35)

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for that special someone by celebrating at Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen. According to general manager Faye Hara, the eatery is featuring Steak & Tempura Combo ($23.95), which is available only Feb. 14.

“Before, our steak combo featured an 8-ounce steak, but now it’s an 11-ounce portion,” Hara says.

Give your special someone the gift of comforting Sekiya's cuisine with a gift card.

Give your special someone the gift of comforting Sekiya’s cuisine with a gift card.

Aside from the 11-ounce char-broiled, teriyaki steak, the combo also includes two pieces of shrimp, eggplant and string bean tempura, and a mini side salad with Sekiya’s signature teriyaki sauce. It’s a full meal, Hara says, which means the combo comes with rice, miso soup, tsukemono and green tea.

If customers want a different option, Hara recommends Combination Special ($17.95).

Steak & Tempura Combo ($23.95, Valentine's Day special)

Steak & Tempura Combo ($23.95, Valentine’s Day special)

For Combination Special, customers can choose two items from more than 12 different choices, including beef teriyaki, marinated fried chicken, shrimp tempura, tonkatsu, ahi tempura, fried mahi mahi, yakitori chicken, chicken katsu and more. This full-course meal is also served with rice, miso soup, tsukemono and green tea.

In the mood for something sweet? Finish off your meal with Abekawa Mochi ($7.35). This mochi — as well as Sekiya’s old-style fountain selection — are available at the restaurant all year long.

“There’s two pieces of mochi, so you can share,” Hara says. “The mochi is softened and served hot with a house mixture of kinako powder and sugar on it. Or, we have Hot Fudge Sundae ($5.99), Banana Split ($8.50), Orange Freeze ($4.99) and milk-shakes ($4.99) available.”

You can also give the gift of Sekiya’s this Valentine’s Day by purchasing gift cards.

“They’re the perfect gift and there’s no minimum amount required,” Hara explains.

Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen

2746 Kaimuki Ave., Kaimuki
Sunday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96816

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