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March 15, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Nitsuke Butterfish ($18.95)

Nitsuke Butterfish ($18.95)

Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen always will be the most ideal dining spot for patrons of all ages. The restaurant offers a combination meal that gives customers a bowl of yummy saimin with a hamburger on the side, which is pretty much every kid’s dream meal. And don’t forget about the traditional Japanese dishes that the older generations love, such as sukiyaki, nabeyaki and donburi. The beloved restaurant truly is a place for family and legacy.

If you’re in a rush, try barbecue meat, chow fun noodles and fried chicken from the restaurant’s okazu section. There also is shoyu chicken, vegetable tempura, an array of sushi and so much more to choose from. With its delicatessen and bento options, Sekiya’s proves that eating fast food doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the quality and taste of your meal, as everything that comes out of the longtime eatery’s kitchen is delicious and made with love.


Amongst Sekiya’s notable fish dishes are two automatic favorites: Fried Ahi ($13.95) and Nitsuke Butterfish ($18.95). Each showcases fish in a completely different way, but both are equally tasty. For Fried Ahi, fillets of the ocean’s best are lightly tossed in flour and pan-fried until golden brown. The fillets are served on a bed of shredded cabbage with a side of grated radish and lemon.

Nitsuke Butterfish is made to order and involves cooking the delicate, flaky fish in Sekiya’s own rendition of teriyaki sauce. The sauce thickens after a while, becoming the perfect topping for a bowl of hot, white rice. Both meals are served with miso soup, rice, tsukemono and green tea.

Sekiya’s Restaurant And Delicatessen

2746 Kaimuki Ave., Kaimuki
Sunday-Thursday, 8 A.M.-10 P.M.; Friday-Saturday, 8 A.M.-11 P.M.

Honolulu, HI 96816

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