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June 7, 2015

Story By: Christina O Connor | Photos by: Bodie Collins

Raymond Chau, the former owner of Won Kee and a string of other eateries, is back. Just a couple months ago, he opened the doors to his latest venture, Ray’s BYOB Kitchen.

The Chinese restaurant has a menu that’s stocked with noodles, fish, vegetable stir-fries and dim sum.

“Whatever you like, we have something on the menu (for you),” Chau says.

In addition to the regular menu, Ray’s plans to offer a different set of specials each month — and the June specials are nothing short of fantastic.

First up, if you buy one Braised Perch ($15), you’ll receive one Steamed Uhu (or parrot fish) free.

“Perch is similar to snapper,” Chau explains, “and it’s good fried. We lightly deep-fry it and then we braise it with a homemade, fresh tomato sauce.”

The uhu, meanwhile, is accented with sesame oil, shoyu and ginger scallion.

Ray’s also has a selection of hot pots, which come in eight different flavors. Hot Pot ($20 for medium; $30 for large) varieties include chicken and peppercorn, pork ribs and wild mushroom and venison and wild mushroom. For each, you also can add additional ingredients, from a list that includes pumpkin, spinach, taro and more.

And for the month of June, if you buy one medium hot pot, you can get another one free on your next visit.

“I like the young coconut with papaya — it’s really light and it has local ingredients,” Chau says.

The last June special is Black Bean Crab ($15), in which customers can choose from one-pound of Dungeness or King crab. The black bean sauce is Chau’s special recipe, and it’s loaded with garlic and ginger.

Ray’s BYOB Kitchen

100 N Beretania St., Suite 113
10 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

Honolulu, HI 96817

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