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February 8, 2015

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

On Veg’n Out‘s recent visit to Million Restaurant, things got a little turned upside down, as Mike Lee, server and third generation member of the restaurant’s owner family, entertained us with his impressive break dancing skills. His slick moves, paired with the establishment’s equally impressive authentic Korean eats, proved to be a casual dining experience that was one for the books (and the beat boxers!)

This week’s stop finds us dazzled again, as the Sheridan Street eatery offers up three new temptations to tease our taste buds. Known for its yakiniku-style cuisine and accommodating hours (the establishment is open for lunch, dinner, and even for late-night noshing), Million Restaurant has added some new moves to its menu — and we are loving the steps it’s taking!

Kimchee Fried Rice ($11.95 regular; $8.95 lunch special)

Kimchee Fried Rice ($11.95 regular; $8.95 lunch special)

We settle into a cozy red and white booth, and the wafting aroma of something wonderful greets us, with the server bringing a steaming mini-cauldron of Soon Du Bu Chi-Ke ($11.95 regular; $8.95 as a lunch special from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.). A savory tofu stew made with mouthwatering morsels of soft soy that soak in every spice of its flavorful broth, this delicious creation also features vegetables and green onion garnish. And speaking of spice, manager Diana Paik assures us that, “we can fix the spice level to every person’s liking, so they get it just the way they like it.”

And although Soon Du Bu Chi-Ke usually is served with meat, Paik assures that there are no worries here, “Just let the waiter know you want the vegetarian version when ordering.”

And we like that! Another thing we like is Million’s Kimchee Pancake ($15.95), a fiery red, dense and filling, flatbread-style pancake that really packs a flavor punch — and not to mention a kimchee kick.

Kimchee Fried Rice ($11.95 regular; $8.95 lunch special) also is a winner, as no authentic Korean cuisine seems truly complete without it. Million’s version dishes out a generous portion of piping hot fried rice infused with plenty of kimchee pizazz and green onion garnish.

After receiving such great customer service, and sampling these selections, it’s evident that this eatery knows just how to make each customer feel like one in a Million. Just don’t expect to be the only one, as this mom-and-pop stop sure stays bustling.

Million Restaurant

626 Sheridan St., Honolulu
Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Friday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-midnight

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