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November 2, 2014

Story By: Christina O Connor | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Known for its pancakes, crepes, and, of course, its eggs, Eggs ‘n Things has been pleasing palates since 1974. Even with such a legacy, the restaurant has hit its stride in the last few months. In March, it opened a fourth location in Guam. Plus, a number of new items recently have hit the menu.

A newest addition is Hawaiian Omelette ($12.95), which is served every Friday. It’s stocked with kalua pork, tomatoes, onions and spinach. To cater to customers who follow a gluten-free diet, Eggs ‘n Things now offers gluten-free items, including tri-color potatoes, which accompany the omelette. Homemade salsa is served on the side.

“Hawaiian Omelette is really popular, especially among locals,” says director of operations Michael Skedeleski. He credits his employees as the inspiration behind the recently introduced items.

“A lot of times, dishes are created from employees just playing around with stuff,” he explains. “We used to have kalua pig for employee lunches, and then someone threw it in an omelette and we kept tweaking it. It became this thing that our employees would order.”

Although Eggs ‘n Things usually is associated with breakfast, the eatery fulfills any late-night fix with its Oxtail Soup ($14.95 with rice, or an additional $1.95 with saimin noodles), available from 4 p.m. until close.

The aromatic soup consists of ginger, onion, mushroom, mustard cabbage, carrots and turnip, topped with egg and tender oxtail.

“(The oxtail) is cooked for about six or seven hours. It is a slow-cooking process, where the meat just falls right off the bone and absorbs all of the flavors,” explains manager Robby Takahashi, who came up with the recipe.

For another lunch or dinner treat, try Cajun Ahi Salad ($13.90), which features Cajun-style ahi with mixed greens, shredded carrots and homemade croutons drizzled with a blend of poke sauce and ranch dressing.

There is a tasty new item just for kids, too: Na Pupu Mac & Cheese Shells ($4.95), which comes with a choice of ham, Portuguese sausage or Spam for $1.25 more, along with a choice of orange wedges or carrot sticks.

Also on the menu is an Eggs ‘n Things exclusive line of bottled water ($2.75), to add to its already impressive retail collection that includes pancake mix and guava syrup.

Eggs ‘n Things

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