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September 28, 2014

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Living the good life sometimes comes back to haunt you. Darn! Recently, my visits to the gym have been nonexistent; instead, a few relaxing swimming sessions in my pool every week have sufficed. I spend my evenings in bed watching movies on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) and relishing scoops of rocky road ice cream decked out in sprinkles. What an exciting life I live, right? And it gets even better. It’s no holds barred when it comes to eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m livin’ la vida loca as a junk-food junkie — bags of cotton candy and hot Cheetos make the best companions … just saying. However, extra stubborn pounds and clothes that don’t fit happen to spoil all the fun.

At Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop, I came across a quote by Mark Twain sprawled across the wall in gigantic letters. It read: “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” It’s as if the universe was trying to tell me something, and this time I listened. I’ve promised myself to play fair by doing my best to normalize my food consciousness. Candy is dandy — just not all the time.

So, my dear Ono readers, this week (pause for dramatic effect), I’m bringing healthy back with kale, a superfood low in calories but rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The scenario is far from eating a bowl of this green stuff sauteed in sesame oil because it was the only thing I had in the fridge. Forget that! I’m going kale krazy at these OYK establishments because they mean business! Hello Curly Kale Salad, Kale Caesar with scrumptious Moroccan chicken and meaty Big Island beef burger adorned with pieces of kale.

Ocean House

The soothing rhythm of frothy waves washing ashore is enough to calm your state of mind and draw your attention to Ocean House’s plantation-style atmosphere, which has unparalleled views of Diamond Head and a selection of lavish culinary art.

Situated beachfront in Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel, Ocean House is one of Waikiki’s top dining destinations, as it boasts relaxed fine dining and top-notch customer service. General manager David Nagaishi says guests from across the globe have listed Ocean House as their go-to establishment when visiting the Islands.

Ocean House's Curly Kale Salad ($11.50)

Ocean House’s Curly Kale Salad ($11.50)

Beginning each meal with Curly Kale Salad ($11.50) has become tradition for me. Ocean House shines a brand-new light on what’s considered to be a modern-day super food.

Curly kale is washed, de-stemmed and torn into bite-sized pieces, and then tossed in a house-special basil papaya seed vinaigrette. Accents of strawberries, avocado and papaya round out the dish, as does toasty, pan-roasted slivers of almond.

So much flavor is packed into each bite, and Nagaishi confirms that Curly Kale Salad is one of the best picks of the bunch.

“The dressing brings out the taste, the fruit adds creamy tropical flavors and the almonds give a crunch,” he states. “Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. Who says eating healthy can’t be fun and tasty?”

So, do yourself a favor and reap the benefits of kale without compromising on utter deliciousness.

Ocean House
Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel
2169 Kalia Road

Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop

Situated on Smith Street in Chinatown, Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop guarantees that its dishes are made from scratch. With that in mind, go ahead, make the assumption that you’re in for a fantastic meal. It’s the truth.

This Southern-inspired brunch bistro is owned and operated by Brian Chan, who also serves as executive chef. Stop by the bistro and relax in the company of amazing, innovative masterpieces.

It was great to catch up with Chan, whose food will convert just about anyone into a kale fanatic. For starters, Moroccan Chicken Caesar Salad ($12) is out-of-thebox incredible. It features a bed of fresh baby kale topped with pieces of chicken marinated in ras el hanoute (Moroccan spice blend), Greek yogurt, ketchup, oregano and garlic. The dressing? Well, this Caesar dressing hits the spot, as harissa (Moroccan chili-based hot sauce) kicks it up a notch.

BC Burger ($13) is a hearty, gluten-free lunch item, which consists of Big Island beef, crispy bacon, smoked Cheddar, fresh kale, tomato and spicy guacamole between slices of “bacon” English muffins. Crispy Smashed Taters are served on the side.

Thanks to Scratch, kale variations just keep getting better!

Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop
1030 Smith St.

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