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August 24, 2014

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

If you asked me to choose between sweet and savory, I would in turn ask you, “Would you have your mother pick her favorite child?” To inquire about such a thing is nonsense. Although, in the toughest of circumstances, savory ultimately wins. The biggest letdown for my palate is to anticipate something so aesthetically appealing, yet the flavor is lackluster, really nothing to write home about.

It’s all about the seasonings. I want to be mind blown by loud notes of salty, a fiery zing of spicy, countless cloves of garlic and more snaps of five spice than you can comprehend. Everything should be seasoned!

Squiggles of Sriracha — the modish Asian sauce with a rooster on the bottle — will leave a smile plastered across my face. Furikake though, oh yes, furikake aka sushi-rice seasoning — a shakeable concoction of chopped nori, sesame seeds, sugar and salt — is my addiction. You have not lived until you’ve sprinkled this good stuff over hot rice. Although, who am I kidding? Heck, sprinkle furikake on everything and anything: pretzels, popcorn, party mix, noodles, meat, seafood, ice cream, fries, what have you. You’ll be amazed.

This week, the following OYK establishments fulfilled every furikake fantasy of mine. If Furikake Anonymous ever exists, I’ll be the first to sign up. You know you’re hooked on this savory confetti when you secretly make your way to the pantry and indulge in furikake straight from the jar.

Raging Crab

While I do love being treated to a “fawncy” (my fancy way of saying fancy) restaurant every now and then, the time spent getting ready is brutal. It’s fun to get dolled up, but I have to be in the mood. Sometimes, just the thought of trying on every dress in my closet and doing my hair and makeup exhausts me. Let’s be real. “Prim and proper” can be overrated.

I will never, ever turn down a meal for which manners mean nothing and the best utensils are your hands.

At Raging Crab in Samsung Plaza, the mere fact that patrons are welcomed with a plastic bib and each table is lined with paper are clues to the beautiful mess that’s about to take place. Hooray for the endless supply of napkins.

Raging Crab is my kind of restaurant, for sure. Here, it’s OK to express my inner cultured cave woman because eating directly off the table is completely normal. The restaurant offers a literal hands-on dining experience. You can be sure that the table will end up looking like the aftermath of a hurricane.

Dungeness crab, king crab and snow crab are just a few of my loves, and when drenched in a choice of garlic butter, lemon pepper, raging Cajun or “the works,” these morsels of seafood make me as happy as a child.

While there are all sorts of deliciousness on the menu, Furikake Salt and Pepper Shrimp ($12) is an easy pick. Get ready for a basket of deep-fried whole shrimp (these suckers are big) sprinkled with what I imagine magic fairy dust would be comprised of: salt, pepper and a whole lot of Nori Komi furikake. Yes, the seasoning is awesome, as the furikake adds an extra zest of flavor. Don’t waste time peeling the shrimp — it’s better to be enjoyed with the shell on. Believe me, you’ll want to consume every last bit of spice, as the seasoning is way too delicious to let go to waste on uneaten shells.

There you have it! Furikake just brought local flair to Cajun cuisine. So raging!

Raging Crab
Samsung Plaza
655 Keeaumoku St., Ste. 101

Eggs ‘n Things

Eggs 'n Things Fresh Ahi Steak ($14.95)

Eggs ‘n Things Fresh Ahi Steak ($14.95)

Oh carbs, luscious carbs! They’re among the few things that can take total control of me, no matter how much I try to resist. Waffles and pancakes? Yes, please! I exhibit no self-control when it comes to a full stack of pancakes, loaded with whipped cream as high as Mount Fuji and embellished with sliced fresh strawberries.

With a name like Eggs ‘n Things, the perfect egg is a given. But what about the “things”? Why so vague? Well, if you are at all familiar with this A-list eatery, “things” equate to the sinful pancakes I just praised, a savory Paniolo Loco Moco, and Fresh Ahi Steak ($14.95).

The latter has reclaimed its spot as my current obsession. The slab of ahi can be prepared sauteed, seasoned with Cajun spice, macadamia nuts or furikake. Personally, I prefer a bit of ahi with my furikake. The more the merrier, of course. An ahi steak cooked rare and laden with furikake is how I like it. The fresh island fish (sourced from local vendors) is tender, and the exterior of the fish boasts a savory crust that bombards your taste buds with furikake satisfaction.

Fresh Ahi Steak is accompanied by rice, potatoes or pancakes, and potato or tossed salad.

Whether dining at Eggs ‘n Things on Piikoi Street, Saratoga Road or Eggs ‘n Things Waikiki Beach Eggspress, go for the eggs, but it’s all the other “things” that will have you returning time and time again.

Eggs ‘n Things
451 Piikoi St.

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