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May 4, 2014

Story By: Michelle Lee | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

Many would agree that there are few things as soothing as a good bowl of soup. Paying homage to one of the world’s most “souped-up” countries, Philippines, Max’s of Manila recently debuted a series of hearty, healthy Filipino stews that hit it big with the locals.

“For quite a long time, our customers have been telling us to add classic Filipino soups to the menu,” says Kate del Callar, manager of Max’s of Manila in Waipahu. “Even though the dishes are a bit more labor-intensive, the deep flavors and quality ingredients make the extra effort completely worth it.”

Case in point, the menu’s now-famous Bulalo ($16.95), also known as Osso Bucco soup, is currently one of the restaurant’s most popular items. Made from simmering beef in a broth for hours until perfectly tender, the soup contains hints of pepper-corn with generous amounts of bok choy, brussel sprouts and leeks. “In the Philippines, this dish is normally consumed for special occasions only because of how long it takes to make,” says del Callar. “The ingredients make it rich, but the broth is so light and clean.”

Tinolang Manok ($9.95) is another Filipino favorite, made from broiling whole chicken with slices of green papaya, ginger and fresh chili leaves. By keeping the chicken whole, the stew is easy to share and full of nutrients and minerals. “There is actually enough meat to share with four people, so it’s a great deal as well,” says del Callar. “The different spices keep the soup very aromatic, which adds a whole new dimension of flavor.”

With more than 100 locations spread across the globe in the Philippines, United States, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Max’s of Manila is well versed in the study of quality Filipino fare with a high-end edge. “It’s about listening to our customers,” says del Callar. “Nobody knows good food better than them.”

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