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October 8, 2023

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Sushi chef Shoichi Kosaka

There’s always something new and exciting going on at Sushi Aki, and that’s all thanks to sushi chef Shoichi Kosaka’s dedication to providing customers with the very best seasonal ingredients.

“Our menu really is determined with what happens in Japan,” explains Julia Midorikawa, server and marketing manager. “If there is bad weather, it may affect the ocean and what options are available for the fishermen. This adds uniqueness and authenticity to what we offer on the menu.”

Karei, otoro and sanma are part of the course menu (21 pieces for $200; 19 pieces for $135).

Sushi Aki’s omakase continually wows customers. The 19-piece course ($135) is an affordable way to experience Kosaka’s culinary mastery, while the 21-piece set ($200) adds on the highest grade of sushi (like otoro and uni). Both come with tempura, chawanmushi, soup and a monthly dessert special.

Sushi Aki accommodates about 10 guests: six to seven at the sushi counter and four in the restaurant’s private area. And, did you know? All of Sushi Aki’s dishware are handmade in Japan, each as “unique as a snowflake,” according to server and marketing manager Julia Midorikawa.

The omakase menu updates monthly, with a few items changing out from each course. For October, enjoy Seared Sanma (a popular fall fish), Chilled Pumpkin Soup and Grilled Sawara, to name a few. The 21-piece course additionally features Chutoro as a sashimi option, as well as Aka Gai and Mizu Tako. (Menu items are subject to change.)

Inspired by fall, Sushi Aki presents a Grilled Spanish Mackerel with Chilled Pumpkin Soup as part of its course menu (21 pieces for $200; 19 pieces for $135).

While omakase normally is thought of as a dinnertime treat, Sushi Aki has expanded that offering to lunch, as well (advanced reservations required). But if you’re looking for something lighter, other popular afternoon items include Kaisen Chirashi ($50) and Seared Kaisen Bowl ($55) — both served with soup, chawanmushi and dessert.

Sushi Aki’s fresh seafood includes delicacies like kohada, hotate, saba, sanma (a seasonal special), shima aji, hirame, kinmedai, karei (a seasonal special) and anago.

“We offer everything from beer, wine and shochu, and we most definitely have a variety of sake that we recommend to have that full experience,” adds Midorikawa. “From sweeter to dry, we will have something that will pair well with your courses.”

1137 11th Ave ste 102, Honolulu, HI 96816

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