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October 23, 2023

Story By: Anne Lee | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Since 1978, A Catered Experience has been a part of local celebrations, providing the highest quality of food for local palates.

Thanksgiving right around the corner signifies the start of the holiday food festivities, so thank goodness ACE’s popular Complete Turkey Package is back. ACE does all the work, and the food is served hot, ready to eat with all the fixins.

I met with general manager Ron Hattori to talk about additional offerings that are available for Thanksgiving, all created from ACE’s Waipio location.

These packages sell out fast, so be sure to reserve yours now!

AL: What is A Catered Experience?

RH: ACE was established to bring Zippy’s to you, and we are more than catering. We have banquets, preschool lunches and Germaine’s Luau. We are able to accommodate many requests. Whether you want a fine holiday feast at home with all the trimmings or are planning a fancy wedding celebration for 800 of your closest friends, we can make it happen. With options including full banquet facilities at the Hawaii Okinawa Center’s Legacy Ballroom fully catered buffet service with tables and chairs; at-home delivery of hot, prepared dishes to the location of your choice; or convenient curbside pickup from our Waipio Gentry kitchen, we’ve got you covered. We have our own kitchen and chef, Renato Sabalburo.

AL: What is included in the famous Complete Turkey Package?

RH: Our Complete Turkey Package ($238.75) is similar to the Zippy’s Turkey Package, but our turkey is warm/hot. The sides you will have to reheat. It also comes with a pumpkin pie. This should feed six to eight people, but you can order an additional turkey just in case.

The Complete Turkey Package includes a 12-to-14-pound fully roasted turkey (hot and ready to eat), 4 pounds of real mashed potatoes, 4 pounds of poultry gravy, 3 pounds of stuffing, 1 pound of pineapple/cranberry relish, a dozen King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls and one Napoleon’s Bakery pumpkin pie. You can order an additional turkey for $100 (limit is one additional turkey per package). Simple reheating instructions are included, and no substitutions are permitted.

Maki sushi roll (call for price)

Maki sushi roll (call for price).

AL: Are there additional items you can order for Thanksgiving?

RH: Yes. Customers can order additional items such as the maki sushi roll, chicken nishime, potato/macaroni salad, poultry gravy, stuffing, pineapple/cranberry relish, King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, and Napoleon’s Bakery’s custard, apple or pumpkin pies.

AL: How do guests pick up their package?

RH: Pickup is from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving Day) in the Hawaii Okinawa Center parking lot. We will have tents set up, so you can just drive through with your proof of purchase voucher and do not have to get out of your car. We will load it into your car for you.

AL: Do you have suggested reheating instructions?

RH: The roast turkey is hot and ready to eat when you pick it up. If the roast turkey will not be served immediately after pick up, you can carve or divide it into smaller portions and put it in the refrigerator to rapidly cool for safe food handling. To reheat the roast turkey and any juices, use a shallow ovenproof pan and cover it with foil. Bake it in a 325-degree preheated oven until completely heated through. For microwave, put the roast turkey in individual portions until heated through. (Reheating instructions are included with the package.)

Chicken nishime (call for price).

Chicken nishime (call for price).

AL: What else is popular from your menu?

RH: Our Hawaiian food menu is popular; we get many requests for this. We have three different options you can choose from. Our website (acateredexperience.com) is easy to navigate. You can order items, reserve the ballroom and order the turkey package there!

AL: Anything else you want to share?

RH: We also offer bentos, catering, buffet and delivery options (fees may apply). There are many creative options that we can offer.

We will also offer a Christmas Package. We haven’t finalized the exact menu, but stay tuned.

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