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October 15, 2023

Story By: Anne Lee | Photos by: RICKY RIDELA

Shredded Beef Sandwich $14.95

Owner Gary Chen came up with the idea for Lemon Supply when his daughter — who loved the phrase “easy peasy, lemon squeezy” — wanted to have a lemonade stand at just 3 years old. Seeing the excitement and joy that lemonade brought her inspired him to share the experience with others. Thus, Lemon Supply opened its doors in 2018.

The brand’s intention is to create a sense of community for customers and brighten their day with fresh, sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Croffl e $12.95-$23.95

I met with general manager Sierra Hughes to learn more about this concept. And, by the way, Lemon Supply is more than just lemonade — it has an all-day menu from Scratch Kitchen next door.

As a special promotion for Dining Out readers, Lemon Supply will give the first 100 people a voucher for a free regular-size drink ($6.95 value) to use on your next visit (with a purchase of any sandwich combo) if you mention this article.

Rainbow Bagel $5.99

AL: How did you get into this industry?

SH: I worked in restaurants while in school, but for the last eight years, I’ve been in banking, though my love for the industry never died. I’m a big foodie myself and have a passion for sharing quality food with others. I was really inspired by Gary’s vision for the company and knew I needed to be a part of it. We bring fun and flavor to our customers. Our food is made fresh at Scratch Kitchen, and all drinks are made to order.

Various drinks $6.75-$14.95

AL: What are popular items, and what did you prepare for us to try today?

SH: Our popular items are Yuzu Lemonade (fresh-squeezed lemon juice and yuzu juice); Green Tea Lemonade (a caffeinated pick-meup drink made with our jasmine green tea from Taiwan); Watermelon Milk (fresh watermelon blended with ice and milk of your choice); and Kailua Blue Latte (a non-caffeinated tea latte made with butterfly pea flower tea and lavender with the milk of your choice). Prices are $6.75 regular, $7.75 large, $14.95 mason jar, and $5.75 for a mason jar refill.

Lemon Supply is located in South Shore Market.

Our Rainbow Bagel with cream cheese ($5.99) is popular, and you can substitute the bagel for any of the sandwich items on the menu. This is a plain bagel with rainbow colors swirled in the dough. We ship these in from New York. We have had moms buy these by the dozen for their children’s parties.

Our breakfast and lunch combos are available all day. The Breakfast Sandwich ($12.95), which comes with organic coffee or lemonade, is made with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado, tomato and spicy aioli.

Sandwiches are made fresh at Scratch Kitchen.

Our most popular item, though, is our Fried Chicken Sandwich with lemonade ($14.95), made fresh to order with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a spicy aioli.

Our Fried Mahi Sandwich with lemonade ($14.95) features fried mahi and our housemade yuzu tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickles. This is my personal favorite sandwich.

For our meat lovers, we have the Shredded Beef Sandwich with lemonade ($14.95). It’s made with the slow-roasted shredded beef, melted cheese and pickled jalapeños. It has a nice spicy kick to it.

All combos include a regular size drink but you can upgrade to a large or mason jar.

AL: What is the must-try item at Lemon Supply?

SH: The must-try item is our fresh-squeezed lemonades! They are refreshing and all the flavors are made with fresh ingredients. My personal favorite is the Mint Lemonade.

We wanted to have a no-waste and environmentally friendly business. We utilize the entire lemon. After juicing the lemons, we save the peel to make other products like delicious lemon jerky.

AL: Do you have any secret menu items?

SH: Our Croffle ($12.95, six pieces; $23.95, 12 pieces) is a flaky and buttery croissant dough cooked on a waffle iron, topped with a honey drizzle and powdered sugar and served with milk syrup. This will be going on the menu soon.

AL: How do you source your ingredients?

SH: Lemon Supply ingredients are sourced on island from local distributors.

AL: Where are you located?

SH: We are located inside the South Shore Market, right next door to Nalu Health Bar & Café. Lemonades are also available for purchase at our sister restaurant Scratch Kitchen, also located in South Shore Market.

AL: Anything else you want to share?

SH: We are excited to be opening another Scratch Kitchen in Kapolei this December, where Lemon Supply beverages will also be sold. We are proud to be able to create fun and flavorful moments for our customers.

1170 Auahi St, Honolulu, HI 96814

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