Ring in 2023 with oishii platters

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December 25, 2022

Story By: Stephanie Lopes | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Ozoni packages ($28.50)

Holiday parties are here, and Sushi King is preparing perfect platters for any festivity. Family-owned and -operated for more than 30 years, Sushi King continues to make every menu item from scratch — down to its sauces and gyoza.

And, with unbeatable Honolulu prices, these mouthwatering Japanese dishes are irresistible.

Popular sets include the Kakaako Platter ($98), offering 56 pieces of sushi scrumptiousness: 12 California, 12 tekka, 12 salmon avocado, four maguro, four hamachi, four salmon, four ebi and four unagi.

The University Platter ($75) is also a top option. Perfectly cooked rice encompasses 54 pieces of a variety of favorites: 12 California, 12 spicy tuna, 12 salmon avocado, four maguro, four ebi, four tamago, four inari and two salmon.

For cooked platter options, the Combo Platter Tempura & Karaage ($64) is a customer favorite. Twenty pieces of chicken karaage, 13 pieces of shrimp tempura and 13 pieces of vegetable tempura can be doused in the included homemade tempura sauce. Kewpie sauce ($1.50) and spicy mayo ($2.50) are additional dunking options.

Are you looking for a dish to ring in the new year? Sushi King’s Ozoni ($28.50) packages the traditional mochi soup with easy reheating instructions — ideal for two people to intimately celebrate the new year.

“All of our efforts are put into each and every bite,” mentions manager Tez Hartney.

Holiday platters can be conveniently ordered online at exploretock.com/sushiking.

Regular menu items can be ordered on the same day at toasttab.com/sushiking.

651 Ilalo St, Honolulu, HI 96813

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