Waikiki eatery highlights locally made produce

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September 26, 2021

Story By: Ginger Keller | Photos by: Eating House 1849

50th State Maple Glazed Half Roasted Fried Chicken Sandwich ($28)

Renowned chef Roy Yamaguchi’s open-air Waikiki restaurant, Eating House 1849, strives to pay homage to Hawaii’s extraordinary melting pot of cultures in everything it does.

The International Market Place eatery’s inventive menu makes the utmost effort to utilize the island’s freshest produce that comes straight from local farmers, ranchers, foragers and fishermen.

Tomahawk ($125)

A perfect example of this is the “OOO-Oui” Yamaguchi Burger ($28). A Makaweli beef patty is accompanied by unagi and a sunny sideup egg, and, of course, short rib poutine fries on the side. Fresh out the fryer, give the 50th State Maple Glazed Half Roasted Fried Chicken Sandwich (say that 10 times fast) a try. It’s served with grilled pork belly and tempura shishito pepper fries. The cost is $28.

Deep Sea Taco Trio ($27)

Those who crave seafood can opt for the Deep Sea Taco Trio ($27), which encompasses miso-glazed black cod, rustic seared ahi tataki and macadamia nut tempura kampachi.

Red meat-lovers, meanwhile, will surely have “heart eyes” when they see the 34-ounce Tomahawk ($125) heading to their table. The juicy, optimal cut of beef comes with crispy lyonnaise potatoes and a grilled seasonal vegetable medley.

“OOO-Oui” Yamaguchi Burger ($28)

Open daily, Eating House 1849 takes reservations online at royyamaguchi.com/eatinghouse1849-waikiki.

2330 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

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