Dishes that offer the epitome in Japanese tastes

Inside Feature

June 6, 2021

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

SUNHO RAMEN ($12.25) This dish, featuring shredded pork and Sichuan pickle, is a Japanese-style spicy and sour soup with ramen. The homemade broth is cooked for more than 24 hours with chicken, pork bones and vegetables.

For more than a decade, Goma Tei has garnered acclaim with its heralded tan tan ramen, udon, curry, rice and other dishes. Its carefully honed recipes are crafted to provide a balance of nutrition and exquisite flavors.

Guests can expect delectable dishes such as shredded pork and Sichuan pickle spicy and sour soup with ramen, also known as Sunho ($12.25).

SHOYU RAMEN ($12.50) Handcrafted fish dumplings consist of filet of sole, which is minced and finely chopped. It is then mixed with ground pork, fresh herbs and spices, sake and marinated for 24 hours. These thin, delectable wrappers are created in-house with imported Japanese flour.

“Many people ask if we use MSG in our soup. The answer is no; after boiling for over 24 hours, our soup is naturally rich in flavor with a hint of sweetness. We do not need to add anything to make it taste good. We make our own chile oil, too, and add Japanese vinegar. My personal favorite is Sunho Ramen with shredded pork and Sichuan pickle topping,” shares Goma Tei operations manager Jenny Lu.

NOODLE ($13.70) Housemade udon noodles are cooked and chilled in ice. Chicken breast is marinated with sake, onion and ginger, then prepared in a sous vide machine. It’s served with a lovely ginger onion sauce.

Other popular items are the Ginger Chicken Cold Noodle ($13.70), Hamburger Side Order ($7.99) and Curry Loco Moco ($12.99).

Meanwhile, Goma Tei also features Fish Dumplings ($9.95-$12.50), which are boiled in water to a smooth finish and served with cilantro garnishes. Fish Dumplings are available with tan tan, shoyu or sunho, with options to add on noodles. These tasty options are also offered as a side order without soup.

CURRY LOCO MOCO ($12.99) These homemade Japanese-style meat patties are created with ground pork and beef along with sweet onions. Marinated with shoyu, they are cooked on the griddle so that they become crispy outside but juicy inside. It’s served with a sunny side-up egg and special sauce. This item is also available as Curry Loco Moco.

The eatery has sites conveniently dispersed throughout Oahu, including in Ala Moana Center, Kahala Mall, Pearlridge Center and Ward Centre. Patrons can experience genuine Japanese dishes from spicy to mild and in between.

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