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July 5, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Tanaka of Tokyo

A tender cut accompanies a hearty helping of seafood in the Sirloin and Garlic Shrimp ($39.95). As with all of Tanaka of Tokyo’s meals, expect mixed veggies and more to round out your dining experience.

Tanaka of Tokyo West at Ala Moana Shopping Center is back in the dine-in business, and vice president Alison “Bo” Tanaka couldn’t be more excited.

“We’ve missed our loyal guests dearly, and words cannot express how happy we are to finally welcome everyone back,” she says.

Seasoned to perfection, the Filet and Garlic Shrimp ($44.75) combo has loads of meat and veggies for a complete and balanced meal.

Teppanyaki-style eats and entertaining chef performances are still on the docket, and restaurant staff has been hard at work implementing CDC-approved guidelines and protocols to ensure guest safety.

“Being a teppanyaki restaurant, Tanaka of Tokyo is already one of the safest restaurants to dine in due to our extensive ventilation system, which fully exhausts and exchanges dining room air every two minutes,” explains Tanaka.

Through the well-maintained aeration network, the amount of outside air consistently filtering through the eatery’s dining room is 15 times greater than state Department of Health standards.

Elevate your meal at Tanaka of Tokyo by adding on its housemade Garlic Fried Rice for $5.25. You deserve it!

“Which makes dining in almost as good as dining outside,” she adds.

Aside from numerous hand sanitizer stations around restaurant, as well as socially distanced seating for guests, all staff and chefs wear face covers throughout the dining experience. The talented culinary masters will still be putting on delightful shows — we’re lookin’ at you, onion volcano — for diners who can choose from one of many set meal options.

Popular choices are surf-and-turf combos like the Filet and Garlic Shrimp ($44.75) or Sirloin and Garlic Shrimp ($39.95). Both come with loads of protein, as well as veggies, rice and side dishes.

Interested in a pro tip? Add on Tanaka of Tokyo’s Famous Garlic Fried Rice for $5.25. You’ll thank us later.

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