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May 17, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: 3660 on the Rise

Meal To Go Special ($25)

Meals from 3660 on the Rise — all from culinary mastermind, executive chef and owner Russell Siu — have the innate ability to be both luxurious and comforting at the same time. Each bite offers a medley of flavors that tantalize tastebuds, while also paying homage to those local-style favorites you grew up with.

“(It’s) the same quality of food that you expect from the dining room, but just at the comforts of your homes,” says Cheryl Leong, banquet sales manager.

To ensure everyone who places a takeout order can get their 3660 fix, the restaurant has some excellent to-go options that feature some a la carte faves as full meals.

The first one, aptly named the Meal To Go Special ($25) comes with a small mesclun of greens with 3660’s famous lemon miso dressing, a 5-ounce New York steak alea and five pieces of the sought-after crispy garlic scallion shrimp — all with a bed of steamed white rice and furikake.

Fans of the Ahi Katsu rejoice because it’s on the takeout menu at $19, and includes sashimi-grade ahi that’s deep fried to a rare doneness and served with wasabi ginger sauce.

The Atlantic Salmon ($22), meanwhile, is seared crispy on the outside and served medium rare. For added flavor and texture, there’s a bed of cucumber wakame namasu and yuzu butter sauce on the side — you know, so it won’t get messy on the way home.

There’s also the Shichimi Seared King Salmon Tataki ($18), which is a new favorite among customers. The fish is lightly seared and served rare, and topped with Alaskan king crab meat, a soy aioli, ikura, katsuo shoyu and nori salt.

Shichimi Seared King Salmon Tataki ($18)

Finally, splurge a little and try a top-notch dish that’s sweet, savory, creamy and, well, buttery: the Soy Sake Broiled Butterfish ($42).

No matter what you order, the staff at 3660 on the Rise continues to put the safety of its customers first. In addition to following all social-distancing guidelines and regularly sanitizing the restaurant and all surfaces, workers will bring your order right to your car.

There are big plans for the restaurant once dining establishments can reopen, but until then, the chefs and staff at 3660 on the Rise are cooking up a Pacific Rim storm to keep customers fed with great European-Asian fusion cuisine.

Ahi Katsu ($19)

“Stay safe and healthy,” urges Leong. “And we look forward to seeing everyone again.”

Grab-and-go for grads

Celebrate with your high school graduate at home with a special meal from 3660 on the Rise. What’s on the menu?

• Mesclun of Greens, Lemon Miso Dressing

• Imitation Crab & Broccoli Salad

• Edamame Salad

• 3660 Pot Roast, Burgundy Style Sauce with Mushrooms & Vegetables

• Baked Chicken with Marinara over Pasta

• Steamed White Rice

• Cream Puffs

The feast serves six to eight people and costs $225 (plus tax). Preorders for a Friday or Saturday pickup are available May 22-23 and 29-30, as well as June 5-6.

Call 737-1177 for more information.

Honolulu, HI 96816

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