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July 28, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Kitchen manager Cranston Rellin showcases two happy hour favorites, a Strawberry Corona-Rita and Pork Skins ($4 happy hour)

With a relaxed, inviting vibe and an ample menu featuring freshly made local favorites, Wahoo’s Fish Taco Hawaii is the ideal destination for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour food and beverage specials served daily.

Situated in bustling Kakaako in the Ward Gateway Center, Wahoo’s Fish Taco Hawaii offers dine-in happy hour specials from 3 to 7 p.m. that make the restaurant and bar a perfect pau hana destination. Be sure to try the new Pork Skins ($4 happy hour) that are prepared fresh in house. These crispy, crackling pork rinds are served piping hot after being fried to ono perfection and seasoned with Wahoo’s blend of spices to accent the iconic flavor.

Kalbi Moco ($18.95)

Chicken Wings ($8 happy hour) are deep fried until golden brown and served with ranch dressing. Edamame ($4 happy hour) is another local appetizer as the soybeans are boiled to perfection and pair nicely with one’s favorite beverage.

Speaking of beverages, Mango Margarita ($5.50 happy hour) is a classic refresher with tequila and crushed ice that harmonize on a hot summer day. Corona-Rita ($7.50 happy hour) is a refreshing take on the margarita as one’s choice of flavor, including strawberry, is infused with an ice cold Corona beer. And, one can cool down with a chilled Beer of the Month ($3.50 happy hour) available on draft, which goes well with one’s favorite pupu and entree selections.

Outer Reef Burrito ($10.95)

“I want our guests to come back for the food and great service, and we opened the restaurant up for our diners so it’s a more relaxed vibe so you can hang out and enjoy,” Wahoo’s Kitchen manager Cranston Rellin says. “With football season coming up, we’re going to have the games on, and we’re working on getting the UFC fights as well for our customers to watch while they enjoy their favorite food and beverages.”

Wahoo’s Honolulu recently introduced an array of breakfast options served daily, 7 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Kalbi Moco ($18.95) is Wahoo’s take on the local breakfast staple as the grilled kalbi short ribs are prepared in a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce and accompanied by kimchee and two eggs all served atop a heaping bed of rice.

Wahoo Burger ($13.95)

Beef Machacha Burrito with Chili Rojo ($11.95) is another must-try morning offering at Wahoo’s as shredded beef and local eggs are cooked to perfection and wrapped in a flour tortilla before being topped with red chili sauce and cheese.

Guests will stare in awe when the Outer Reef Burrito ($10.95) comes out of the kitchen during lunch and dinner service as this enormous burrito is built with one’s choice of protein (chicken breast, carnitas, carne asada, wild-caught fish, shrimp, tofu or banzai veggies), cheese, lettuce, rice, beans, green sauce, guacamole and sour cream. Be sure to add “wet” sauce, or extra guacamole and extra sour cream for $1 more apiece, add avocado for $1.25 more and make it an entree by adding rice and beans on the side for an additional $1.50.

Beef Machacha Burrito with Chili Rojo ($11.95)

Try the new towering Wahoo Burger ($13.95), another addition to the bountiful menu that features a bold citrus slaw, avocado, aioli and pepper jack cheese atop a 6-ounce Angus beef patty all served between a buttery brioche bun that’s toasted with garlic butter for extra flavor.

Mango Margarita ($5.50), left, Strawberry Corona- Rita ($7.50) and Beer of the Month ($3.50); drinks refl ect happy hour pricing

Cater the Ultimate Meal

Wahoo’s Fish Taco Hawaii is standing by to cater special events and gatherings, whether looking to feed 50 or 500 people. The Wahoo’s team can set up and serve the delicious food options, or simply drop off for self-service. Call the restaurant at 591-1646 to inquire about catering options and customizable menus, and be sure to mention that you read about Wahoo’s in Dining Out for a 10 percent discount on catering orders.

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