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June 23, 2019

Story By: Brandon Bosworth | Photos by: File photos

Giant Halo-Halo ($25)

Summer is officially here, making it the perfect time to sample the cold concoctions offered at Max’s of Manila. The restaurant may be known as “the house that fried chicken built,” but it also excels in Filipino desserts that are as cooling as they are delicious.

Buko Pandan ($4.95), Max’s of Manila’s second most-popular dessert, combines two favorite flavors of the Philippines: coconut and pandan, also known as screwpine. This chilly treat is made with young coconut strips mixed with pandan leaf-flavored gelatin and tapioca in a light fluffy cream sauce, and served with macapuno ice cream and rice flakes. “It’s creamy and light with a mild coconut flavor and a hint of pandan,” says general manager Maly San Luis.

Buko Pandan ($4.95)

The most popular dessert at Max’s of Manila is, not surprisingly, Halo-Halo ($6.25). Served with ube ice cream, beans, and milk atop shave ice, Max’s halo-halo also comes with flan and rice flakes, as well as tropical fruit in a gelatin form. “This is THE Filipino dessert,” San Luis says. “It may even be referred to as the national dessert of the Philippines.”

Throughout the summer, diners can enjoy a special supersized Giant Halo-Halo ($25) that is big enough to share between four to five people. Featuring the same ingredients found in the individual-size halo halo on a much larger scale, it adds chocolate wafer sticks and a sprinkle of cheese to the mix.

Want to pair your cold dessert with something warm and crispy?

Turon with Tropical Ice Cream ($5.75)

Max’s offers Turon with Tropical Ice Cream ($5.75). Lumpia made with saba banana and jack-fruit is covered with brown sugar and sesame seeds.

Then, it is topped with generous scoops of ube and macapuno ice cream for a delightful combination of tastes, temperatures and textures.

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