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February 4, 2019

Story By: Adrienne Wilson | Photos by: PHOTOS COURTESY L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE

An assortment of the eatery’s musubis, including Spam Musubi ($2.55)

Do you constantly find yourself sitting in traffic to get to work and running around town to get your errands done? The answer is probably yes, which means you are left with virtually no time to cook.

In Hawaii, the quickest and easiest way to get something scrumptiously gratifying into your body while accomplishing your daily tasks is unwrapping a delicious Spam Musubi ($2.55). This palm-sized, grab-and-go meal consists of a slice of juicy sauteed spam atop a perfectly molded prism of white rice, all wrapped in dark green nori. At L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, spam musubis are enhanced by the addition of L&L’s special BBQ sauce, providing a sweet and savory palatal experience unrivaled by any other.

Ramen with Spam ($4.75)

For those with a persistent spam hankering, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue also offers Ramen with Spam ($4.75). This bowl of goodness comes with specially prepared noodles, spam, green onion and L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s unique broth. It only takes a few dignified spoonfuls of this warm, aromatic, savory soup before one decides to start slurping instead.

Loco Moco ($7.95 mini, $9.95 regular).

Guests looking for something a bit heartier can go for the eatery’s famous Loco Moco ($7.95 mini, $9.95 regular), where fresh fried eggs simmer on top of tasty brown gravy smothered over juicy, mouthwatering hamburger patties.

With 51 franchise locations on the island of Oahu alone and some in far away places like New York and Japan (L&L has more than 200 locations across the globe), L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is convenient, quick and delicious enough to fit into the busiest of schedules. With those numbers, it has also probably served as most of the world’s first foray into local Hawaii comfort food.

Globally recognized and island-grown, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has continuously and consistently offered satiating ono eats infused with their own brand of aloha in every dish.

999 Bishop St, Honolulu, HI 96813

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