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February 11, 2019

Story By: Adrienne Wilson | Photos by: Hy's Steak House

House Cured King Salmon (catering menu option) Photo courtesy Hy’s Steak House

Steak House’s exquisite culinary masterpieces and stellar service outside of the restaurant’s famous Waikiki establishment.

Starting fresh with the 2019 new year, Hy’s now offers a fine dining full-catering experience that brings luxury to guests, wherever they are.

Whether the event is for a grand celebration, a corporate get-together or an intimate gathering, Hy’s Steak House brings its meticulous attention to detail and highly qualified specialists to experience never before offered in Hawaii.

Staying true to its pedigree, the restaurant offers the complete package when guests opt for its catering services, which include European fashion dinnerware, a fully customized menu, knowledgeable servers in tuxedos, a first-class wine list, and iconic tableside prep services for salads and desserts.

For 42 years, Hy’s Steak House has been at the forefront of elegant, top-notch and impeccable cuisine and service, made famous by its expertly prepared steak offerings cooked over kiawe wood. However, the hors d’oeuvres are just as superb.

The next time you have a chance to indulge in Hy’s many catering offerings, try House Cured King Salmon with yuzu creme fraiche, exclusively offered on the restaurant’s catering menu. The appetizer features Ho Farm’s cucumber, Ora king salmon, red tobiko and fresh dill, all of which create a mouthwatering experience one won’t forget.

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