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January 6, 2019

Story By: Don Robbins |

Lighter Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken ($10.50)

Beloved among customers for its delicious island comfort food, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue continues to cater to local taste buds.

Founders Johnson Kam and Eddie Flores Jr. established the eatery, which is famed for its mouthwatering plate lunches, melding the diverse flavors and tastes of island cultures in items such as Chicken Katsu, Loco Moco and much more.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has long served as a successful chain of drive-in restaurants with a reputation for serving fresh plate lunches throughout the Hawaiian Islands. In late 1999, the founders expanded their restaurants to California, and since then, the idea has caught on around the world with nearly 200 L&L Hawaiian Barbecue locations.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s dishes have continued to remain popular with generous portions that are excellently prepared and available throughout Hawaii and beyond.

Lighter Garlic Shrimp($13.50)

Each L&L meal is steeped in the warmth of aloha spirit, providing the welcome that makes every guest feel at home.


When a new year rolls in, many people make a resolution to eat healthier. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue makes that commitment easier to fulfill, with its lighter entree offerings. For example, there is Lighter Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken ($10.50). This delish dish is L&L’s healthier take on its classic marinated barbecue chicken. The menu item is prepared with tender barbecue chicken, marinated with the company’s special blend of ingredients. It is perfectly cooked to order and served with brown rice and a generous portion of tossed green salad.

Another great dish for those watching their waist-line is Lighter Garlic Shrimp ($13.50), shell-on shrimp fried with a savory butter and garlic sauce, which is served with brown rice and a hefty helping of tossed green salad. This menu item brings the North Shore Oahu favorite to those who are craving some succulent seafood.

All of this bounty of crisp, leafy greens and protein-packed bites will surely help you “turn over a new leaf” in 2019.

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