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July 22, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Dry-Aged Duroc Pork Tomahawk with Mango Chutney ($50)

Step into the elegant, wood-paneled dining room of Hy’s Steak House on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki and you’ll be instantly transported into an oasis of luxury and indulgently delicious food.

For 41 years, Hy’s Steak House has been a celebrated part of the fine dining scene in Honolulu, offering guests top-notch customer service and impeccable cuisine.

Hy’s Steak House can seat 150 people at a time in an atmosphere of plush leather seating, neatly lined book shelves and classically inspired paintings.

Along with its decor, Hy’s fragrant Hawaiian kiawe wood grill and prime cuts of steak provide guests with a superb dining experience. Some of the classic cuts of meat served at the restaurant include the porterhouse, prime rib and the chateaubriand.

The restaurant’s long beloved table side preparations like Warm Spinach Salad, Caesar Salad and a variety of flambe dishes such as Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee, bring an extra touch of grandeur to one’s meal.

Hy’s Signature Miso Marinated Pacific Sea Bass ($55)

The man behind the kitchen orchestrating the culinary creations is executive chef Justin Inagaki, who is a graduate of the Kapiolani Community College culinary institute.

Originally founded by oil tycoon-turned restaurateur Hy Aisenstat, the restaurant now is owned by the Tabata family of GLion Group.

And while the ownership has changed, the service did not — majority of the restaurant’s staff members have been employed with the company for nearly 25 years, and three have been employed by Hy’s for about 40 years.

Guests can experience all of Hy’s offerings seven days a week from 5 to10 p.m. The restaurant has begun offering brunch with seating from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on select holidays.


Hy’s Steak House added two delicious items to its menu selection.

The first is Dry-Aged Duroc Pork Tomahawk with Mango Chutney ($50), which starts off with a 16-ounce kiawe grilled premium Duroc pork (an older breed of domestic hog developed in the U.S.) tomahawk. This center-cut pork chop is dry aged on the Hy’s premises for about a week. The aging process gives the meat a great depth of flavor, and when it goes straight onto the kiawe grill, the smoke lends itself well to the inherent sweetness of the pork. Even the fat content of this dish is delicious and it gets a nice crust from the grill.

The pork is accompanied by a made-in-house cold mango chutney and a warm mustard cream sauce. The sweet chutney and the savory mustard sauce served on the side of the plate complements the pork’s natural flavor.

Hy’s Signature Miso Marinated Pacific Sea Bass ($55) is pure seafood bliss, as the flaky, tender, white-fleshed fish is flavored with a miso marinade. After baking in the oven, the fish is nestled on a bed of steamed baby bok choy, and garnished with ogo namasu and pickled ginger.

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