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July 15, 2018

Story By: Randy Dela Cruz | Photos by: Randy Dela Cruz

Basil Ramen (price yet to be determined)

There is no shortage of ramen shops on the island, but finding the right spot to satisfy your taste buds and appetite all while keeping your wallet full can be quite a challenge. But here to make your search a lot easier is Manichi Ramen, a ramen haven nestled on Kona Street, just mauka of Ala Moana Center.

Manichi Ramen transports you straight into the ramen shops of Japan, with stylish art and decorations that embody irasshaimase (formal, honorary welcome).

Chris Jon, who has managed the restaurant since June 2017, said that the authentic Japanese foods that are on the menu are extremely popular with locals as well as Japanese tourists seeking a taste of home.

Seared Pork Belly Sushi ($7.95)

“For our ramen, we were voted No. 1 by the Japanese community,” says Jon. “We were the most authentic out of the top ramen restaurants from the area.”

In order to keep Manichi’s customers happy and wanting more, Jon said that he always is looking to offer something different.


One of manager Chris Jon’s creations that you won’t find on Manichi Ramen’s regular menu is Seared Pork Belly Sushi ($7.95). Starting with four nigiri-shaped balls of sushi rice, the special-order item is then topped with pork belly, which is first seared to a crisp then wrapped in nori, before being topped off with wasabi and crunchy garlic chips. The tenderness of the succulent pork belly combined with the crispiness of the pork and garlic chips makes this dish a marvel to behold.

A creation customers should look out for is Basil Ramen (price yet to be determined). The addition of basil to tonkotsu (pork bone stock) broth isn’t commonly found, but Jon says he wants customers to give it a try. The velvety stock has an almost creamy quality to it, and is embellished with pieces of thin-sliced pork, green onions and Parmesan cheese.

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