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May 20, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Karamiso Pork Char-Siu Don ($8.50)

Manichi Ramen on Kona Street has been churning out quality handcrafted ramen bowls for years, garnering the attention of many locals and tourists interested in satisfying their need for noodles.

With origins dating back to 1953, Manichi has come a long way from starting out as a simple gyoza cart in Japan. After growing in popularity, the eatery’s fame eventually skyrocketed the businesses from Japan into Hawaii.

Yakitori Chicken Don ($8.50)

But there’s more than just bowls of ramen for you to discover and devour here. From an array of signature gyoza items to specialty appetizers — like pork kakuni and wasabi char-siu —you are encouraged to try a treasure trove of flavors at this establishment.

Manichi Ramen’s continued recipe for success includes its dedication to these delicious entrees, as well as new menu items added alongside its traditional ramen menu, which can be found on its specials board.

Manichi Ramen’s cozy interior

What’s more, there also is a bounty of donburis, or “Japanese rice bowls,” for you to enjoy on your lunch break. Popular donburis include Yakitori Chicken Don and Karamiso Pork Char-Siu Don, both priced at $8.50 apiece.

Yakitori Chicken Don features juicy chicken thighs cut into bite-sized pieces and seared, leaving them with a smokiness that complements the sweet teriyaki sauce on top.

The eatery conveniently sits across from Ala Moana Center on Kona Street.

Karamiso Pork Char-Siu Don showcases slowly cooked, tender pork char-siu and spicy karamiso on a bed of steamed rice.

It is highly recommended to pair your donburi with the Four-Topping Deluxe Gyoza with crispy bean sprout, green onion, karamiso, beni shoga and mayo sauce atop the restaurant’s award-winning gyoza.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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