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April 1, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Manager Tim Pang holds up a Chicken Katsu plate.

The epitome of a plate lunch starts with two scoops of white rice, followed by mac salad and a savory entree — all complimenting elements worthy of your lunch break, after surf or hike reward, or lazy weekend bite.

For a true cultivator of such delights, look no further than L&L Hawaiian Barbecue to serve you some mouthwatering eats at its various locations found throughout the state.

Chicken Katsu*

The restaurant has kept patrons coming for more than 40 years with its recipe for success, which involves a variety of good eats that come in hefty serving sizes.

“L&L’s dishes are cooked-to-order in large portions,” shares director of marketing Brandon Dela Cruz. “Many of L&L’s dishes are prepared fresh daily by our chefs in the kitchen using high-quality ingredients.”

Storefront of the Kamehameha Shopping Center location

Some of the fresh island favorites you can find at the eatery include Chicken Katsu, a best-seller featuring tender pieces of deep-fried boneless chicken served with the restaurant’s piquant katsu sauce.

There also is the Loco Moco, a savory selection that showcases hamburger patties over a bed of warm rice that’s topped with two fresh fried eggs and brown gravy.

Interior of the Kamehameha Shopping Center location

“These dishes are some of the most popular menu items on the L&L menu,” shares Dela Cruz. “For years, they have been served at all of our L&L locations, and have grown to have a very delicious and favorable reputation of being able to fulfill even the heartiest of cravings.”

People who are looking for a satisfying, down-to-earth, authentic and delicious plate lunch should head to L&L, as the eatery has something for everyone, including these plate lunches that have become well-known favorites, shares Dela Cruz.

Loco Moco*

“These items represent part of the core menu that L&L has become known for over the 40 years of serving Hawaii’s local comfort food,” he adds.

What’s more, the eatery also has expanded globally, reaching out to various states in the mainland — including the latest location popping up in San Diego, California — and even in Guam and Japan.

*Prices vary by location

Honolulu, HI 96817

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