Takin’ taste buds on a trip to the Philippines

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March 25, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: L. TABUDLO

Lumpiang Ubod ($7.95) A. CONSILLIO PHOTO

Take time out of your busy week to fill up on mouthwatering Filipino fare at Max’s of Manila.

From fun finger foods, such as everyone’s favorite lumpiang, aka spring rolls, to traditional entrees, and even dishes for the vegetarian palates, Max’s is sure to satiate the whole table’s appetite.

Sizzling Tofu ($9.95)

Kick off your meals with a light but tasty, shareable appetizer, Lumpiang Ubod (Heart of Palm Lumpia). Shredded heart of palm, mixed vegetables and crab meat are wrapped in your choice of fresh, homemade crepe or fried pastry wrap, and finished with a peanut or vinegar garlic dip. General manager Maly San Luis says this Filipino delicacy is only $7.95 (two rolls per order), and also makes for a good side vegetable dish.

Continue on the veggie theme of the meal and happily bite into Sizzling Tofu ($9.95). The savory dish, San Luis explains, is comprised of “tofu cubes with chopped onions and bell peppers glazed with a special house-made sauce, and topped with chili.

Bicol Express ($15.50)

“It’s a flavorful vegetarian dish,” she adds.

Finally, here’s a train ride you won’t want to miss: Hop on a flavorful journey to the Bicol province of the Philippines, which is known for its spicy cuisine. Max’s of Manila brings those authentic flavors to its Hawaii restaurants, where you can take a bite out of Max’s Bicol Express ($15.50). The dish is made with juicy pork belly mixed with shrimp paste sauce and fiery spices. And, luckily for consumers, the level of spice can be adjusted upon request.

Don’t wait to take that trip to either of Max’s of Manila’s branches in Honolulu or Waipahu, and then enjoy a one-way ticket to these delicious eats.

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