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February 4, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Two Entree Plate ($9.95) with Twice-fried Garlic Chicken and Pork Adobo

While L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has built a loyal following by serving up local comfort food favorites, the world-renowned dining destination is rolling out a new approach to the popular plate lunch.

The ever-expanding restaurant chain has flourished throughout its 40-plus year history and now includes nearly 60 Hawaii locations, restaurants in 12 states across the mainland, including a new eatery in Jacksonville, Florida, and two locations in Japan. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has built on its simple-yet-effective concept of serving up plates with two hearty scoops of rice, a serving of macaroni salad and one’s choice of a local, fresh catch, chicken entree or alternative protein option.

One Entree Plate with Curry Chicken ($7.95)

And, while that approach continues to please diners in the 50th State and from coast to coast on the continent, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is changing the plate lunch game via its brand-new Mixplate by L&L Hawaii. The Mixplate selections are available at L&L’s Airport Trade Center location (550 Paiea St., Honolulu; call 839-1111) Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. L&L’s chief financial officer Elisia Flores explains that the “deconstructed plate lunch” concept allows diners to pick from eight to nine entrees as well as sides and starches prepared fresh in-house.

Korean Chicken Bowl ($7.25)

Executive chef Karl Aoki and his team have crafted “bold, local flavors” via an array of Mixplate options, including Korean Chicken, Spicy Eggplant with Tofu, Twice-fried Garlic Chicken, Fried Saimin, Pastele Stew, Chicken Nishime, Curry Chicken, Chinese-Style Fish and Curry Mac Salad. When selecting a custom Mixplate, diners may choose: a Bowl ($7.25) with a starch and entree choice; One Entree Plate ($7.95), featuring a starch, choice of side dish and entree; and the flavor-packed Two Choice Plate ($9.95) composed of a starch, two sides and two entrees. A la carte entree choices ($4.65 each) and sides ($1.49 each) also are available.

On a recent Dining Out visit to L&L, selections available on the scintillating lineup led to a two-choice combination of white rice, tossed salad, salt & pepper corn, Twice-fried Garlic Chicken and Pork Adobo. The possibilities are seemingly endless, as diners may also sample items on the Mixplate showcase to experience the taste and flavor profiles prior to ordering.

Corporate chef Ken Lock, chief financial officer Elisia Flores, executive chef Karl Aoki and corporate chef Richard Molina showcase mouthwatering Mixplate options..

“Our new Mixplate concept is all about bringing value and taste to the customer experience, and we envision a modern, upscale approach to the plate lunch with affordable prices,” Flores says. “Customers are enjoying the Mixplate by L&L Hawaii experience so far, and diners can be on the lookout for additional locations later this year.”

Two Choice Plate ($9.95) shown with Pastele Stew and Chinese-style Fish

Catering options hit the spot

While the “Big Game” is slated to kick off this afternoon, there is still time to pick up ono favorites for the “Super” party, as same-day catering orders are welcomed at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. Whether one prefers Chicken Katsu, Kalua Pork and Cabbage or an array of bento and musubi, L&L has the right recipe for a memorable meal. Additionally, the local dining chain has kamaaina covered year-round, whether one plans to feed friends and family at a casual gathering, or entertain business clients and employees at a work function. Visit HawaiianBarbecue.com/catering for catering options and contact information for the nearest location.

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