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Step Up to the Plate

November 26, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |


When Dining Out recently met with Flour & Barley’s general manager Nick Meisner and chef de cuisine Royce Arakaki, there were so many things to catch up on. The eatery, known for its pizza and Italian food, is coming up on a year in International Market Place, and has added a heap of new items to its menu, aside from the always-popular pizzas.

“The pizzas are all in high demand, so we don’t have to rotate them, but you’ll see the seasonal changes reflected in the specials,” Arakaki says.

Flour & Barley’s seasonal fall/ winter menu showcases entrees such as Roasted Beet Salad, Market Fresh Catch of Day, Grilled Black Angus Flatiron Steak, and Braised Short Ribs “Ossobuco.” The latter is featured on the restaurant’s Prix Fixe Menu ($35 per person), which offers “a tasting of the best-of-the-best,” according to Arakaki.

“We’re trying to definitely go a little more seasonal, and the menu reflects that,” he adds. “Not a ‘Hawaii winter,’ but a real winter, where you’ll see items like beets on the menu, heartier vegetables, winter steak — little things like that remind us what products are best in flavor at a certain time.”

There also is gluten-free dough (additional $4) available for most pizzas now, as well as a refreshed lineup of local craft beers.

Fun with fungi

Sauteed local oyster and shimeji mushrooms add earthiness to the dish.

Enhancing tradition

According to Meisner, ossobuco actually means “bone marrow” in Italian. The eatery’s version is a boneless short rib, however, that is braised for 72 hours. The sauce is made from the braising liquid and some red wine (Chianti), which is reduced down to a rich demi-glace.

This one takes the cake

The short ribs sit atop a homemade fried-polenta cake that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Saving the best for last

To finish everything off, fresh gremolata (parsley and lemon zest), salsa verde and a drizzle of truffle oil are added to the Italian entree before it is served up to your table.

Drink up!

Pair this dish with a nice, crisp pint of Waikiki Brewing Co.’s Skinny Jeans IPA ($9), which is a key ingredient in Flour & Barley’s pizza dough.

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