‘Nice’ eatery caters to all diets, appetites

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August 20, 2017

Story By: Christina O Connor | Photos by: CHRISTINA O’CONNOR

Oyster Sauce Chicken ($13.95)

When you sit down at Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant, you may be tempted to order a whole slew of menu items. That’s because the restaurant serves up traditional Cantonese-style eats — and its menu is huge and varied. From noodles and stir-fry dishes to dim sum and more, Nice Day has it all.

“We have a lot of items — 168 different dishes,” says the restaurant’s general manager Shirley Cheng.

For a taste of what Nice Day has to offer, Cheng recommends the Salt and Pepper Caplin Fish ($10.95), which is one of her personal favorite dishes. The fish is deep-fried and comes seasoned with garlic and pepper for a bit of a kick.

Tofu with Mixed Vegetables ($10.95)

“Its got the egg inside the stomach, and it’s very crispy,” says Cheng. “People love how crispy it is.”

Although Chinese restaurants are not usually known for catering to vegetarians, Cheng says that making sure there is something on the menu for everyone is important at Nice Day.

If you’re looking for something without meat, the Tofu with Mixed Vegetables ($10.95) is a popular option. It comes with choi sum, broccoli and won bok, along with fried tofu.

Salt and Pepper Caplin Fish ($10.95)

“A lot of people right now want healthy food,” she says.

Another recommendation from Cheng is Oyster Sauce Chicken ($13.95).

“It’s deep-fried first, and then we put the oyster sauce on the top,” she says.

Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant

1425 Liliha St., Honolulu
Daily, 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96817

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