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August 6, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

Braised Tofu with Vegetables ($12.95) and Winter Melon Soup with Vegetables ($13.95). Elima Pangorang photo

The comfortable and cool ambiance of The Mandalay offers an inviting setting for those looking for a filling and refreshing meal. The restaurant’s fine-dining area, coupled with elegant recordings of grand piano music, will please diners looking to decompress for lunch and/or dinner.

The Mandalay’s menu offers Chinese fixings for those who love meat, seafood, vegetables and, of course, noodles.

Diners with larger groups may be interested in the Lunch Special for tables of 10, with three different menus to choose from, including A ($215), B ($195) and C ($185).

The Mandalay’s elegant interior. L. Tabudlo photo

Each menu comes with its own combination of dishes. Menu B, for example, comes with shrimp dumpling, deep-fried taro puff, pork hash, steamed char siu buns, egg custard tart, House Special Crispy Chicken, Black Mushrooms with Seasonal Greens, Sauteed Shrimp with Salt and Pepper, and House Special Seafood Noodles.

From The Mandalay’s extensive menu to its Lunch Specials, diners are sure to be satisfied, wanting to come back for more.


Braised Tofu with Vegetables ($12.95) at The Mandalay makes for a flavorful and invigorating summer meal. Sink your teeth into the dish’s crisp snow peas and green onion, juicy shii-take and straw mushrooms, and, of course, the fluffy deliciousness of braised tofu. Then, sip it all down with light and tasty Winter Melon Soup with Vegetables ($13.95). The vegetarian broth is the perfect summer refreshment with diced winter melon, peas and carrots. Diners also have the option to add seafood for an additional cost.

The Mandalay

1055 Alakea St., Downtown Honolulu
Daily, 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96813

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