The Best Eats Are Rich In Tradition

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August 27, 2017

Story By: Stephanie Kim |

Salmon and Garlic Chicken Combo Bento ($7.99). Anthony Consillio photo

One of the best gifts to receive is a family recipe — one that’s passed down by generations or shared among friends, neighbors and loved ones.

Each dish at Aja Sushi & Bento has been cultivated by numerous lunches and get-togethers with friends and family, and reflects the mix of cultures in Hawaii.

According to general manager Lauren Yoo, the menu at Aja is local-style, and a blend of her own family along with their employees. For example, the nishime with chicken is from an employee while the pork adobo came from a longtime family friend.

Ordering food at Aja is quick and easy. Pick one entree with two sides ($7.99); two entrees with three sides ($12.99); or three entrees with three sides ($15.99). Entree choices include the restaurant’s famous garlic chicken, Korean spicy chicken wings, grilled saba and more.


Can’t decide among the plethora of scrumptious entrees? Skip ahead of the line and pick one of the many to-go items, like an array of musubis, some Korean Sushi ($4.79), which comes with a housemade spicy sauce, and various bentos, such as the Salmon and Garlic Chicken Combo Bento ($7.99). The best selling bento combines the restaurant’s famous garlic chicken paired with a slice of succulent salmon on a bed of rice with a side of vegetables, like broccoli and daikon.

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