New donburi dishes cater to every palate

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June 18, 2017

Story By: Jackie Perreira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Tofu Poke Don ($6.99)

If you’ve ever looked for quality Japanese sushi at the best price available, you’ve probably ventured to Kozo Sushi. With six locations across Oahu alone, Kozo is the go-to choice for sushi lovers who prefer to dine on sushi in a casual setting, or who love to grab a donburi, or rice bowl, for the road before heading to the beach.

The team at Kozo constantly tries to come up with new dishes, putting creations on the menu that are inspired by local flavors.

Teri Chicken Don ($6.99)

A favorite is Tofu Poke Don ($6.99), featuring tofu served with avocado, cucumber, green onion, nori, sesame seeds and a special poke sauce. It also comes with sushi rice made with Kozo Sushi’s own vinegar.

“We wanted to make a dish that caters to vegetarians and people who cannot eat raw fish, like the tofu don. We wanted to introduce people to Japanese dishes that don’t have any meat,” says manager Madoka Osudi.

Sweet & Chili Don ($6.99)

But if you are looking for something with meat, then Sweet & Chili Don ($6.99) is a tasty option. Kozo’s fried chicken is topped with green onion, sesame seeds and sweet chili sauce on top of rice. Teri Chicken Don ($6.99) is another local favorite, and features teriyaki chicken served the classic way: with green onions and sesame seeds atop a bed of rice.

“Each of these items are brand-new menu items,” Osudi adds. And he made sure to mention that, “We do not use any MSG in our sushi rice at all five of our stores.”

Kozo Sushi

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