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May 14, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: GRYLT

A customized meal-prep dish ($9; meal-prep prices vary)

It’s the 21st century and today’s world is full of Millennials who revolve much of their lives around techy trends, eccentric workouts and living an organic, GMO-free lifestyle — or trying to, at least.

Among this lifestyle is a growing trend that’s filling up social media feeds called “meal-prep,” or preparing healthy meals ahead of time to make it easier to eat well during the week. For those participants in this trend, “the struggle is real” — as Millennials would say — meaning the process of measuring portions, cooking and cooling meals in advance can take too much time away from enjoyable days off.

The team at GRYLT understands this struggle; that’s why it created a meal-prep program using fresh, pure and local ingredients to keep customers on track to a healthier lifestyle, according to chef Jose Arias.

GRYLT does all the work for you, so all you have to do is decide how many meals you want, select the ingredients, and pick up your meals at any of GRYLT’s three locations.

So if you’re interested in trying this invigorating new approach to healthful dining, get started by going online at BuiltByGrylt.com.


When customizing your GRYLT meal-prep program, choose a protein — salmon, steak, chicken or tofu — vegetable and a starch (or two vegetables or two starches; prices vary by weight). Pictured here are 4 ounces of savory chicken, toasted sesame broccoli and curry-sprouted rice, all atop a bed of spinach ($9).


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