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April 23, 2017

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: FENDU BOULANGERIE

Multigrain Loaves ($5.99 regular, $3.95 petit)

Multigrain Loaves ($5.99 regular, $3.95 petit)

Few scents are more enticing than the mouthwatering fragrance of freshly baked bread.

Every day the irresistible scent of Fendu Boulangerie’s authentic French loaves attracts customers to the bustling café in Manoa Marketplace. Now in its eighth year, Fendu has become a beloved fixture in the community.

This month, Fendu’s menu will feature two classic loaves and something completely new.

Pain Fendu ($5.99 regular, $3.95 petite)

Pain Fendu ($5.99 regular, $3.95 petite)

Health-conscious bread lovers will be eager to sample the Multigrain Loaf ($5.99 regular loaf; $3.95 petite loaf). It’s made with flax, sunflower, oatmeal and sesame seeds, and a trio of high-quality flours — wheat, whole wheat and rye — as well as a bit of honey “to take the bite out of the sourdough,” says owner Niel Koep.

“A small portion of the dough is mixed the day before baking,” he adds. “We use a wild-yeast starter, so it has a lot of fermentation.”

He’s referring to the levain, the French term for a carefully cultivated mixture of flour and water that has been colonized by natural yeasts. The origins of the technique for creating levain have been traced to 17th century kitchens and bakeries.

An irresistible bundle of Soft Butter Bread ($6.20 per loaf)

An irresistible bundle of Soft Butter Bread ($6.20 per loaf)

The other classic highlight at the boulangerie, or bakery: the rustic Pain Fendu ($5.99 regular loaf; $3.95 petite loaf). This split loaf — prepared, like the multigrain bread, with cultured wild yeast — is densely textured, with a more pronounced sourdough flavor. “It’s great with all meals, particularly soups and stews,” Koep says.

New on the menu this month, and created by customer request, is Soft Butter Bread ($6.20 per loaf). Baked in a mold, each loaf has a pillow-soft crust and, when sliced, provides the perfect bread for a breakfast sandwich or a delicious grilled cheese.

The scent of Fendu’s fresh bread will draw you in, but the taste will keep you coming back for more.

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