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March 26, 2017

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95)

Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95)

When it comes to family-style dining at affordable prices, Asian Mix has you covered. According to owner and manager Daniel Leung, the eatery is great for both lunch and dinner.

“Our customers who come for lunch often order an entrée with rice on the side, but people order take-out for dinner to share with their families,” he says.

Owner and manager Daniel Leung

Owner and manager Daniel Leung

When it comes to customer favorites, Leung recommends Lamb with Fresh Leek ($10.95) and Curry Chicken ($9.50). He says that while both entrees are different, they are both designed to go well with steamed white rice.

“For our Lamb with Fresh Leek, we use a machine to slice the lamb really thin,” he explains. “That way, it’s really thin and tender when we stir fry it. We then mix the lamb with fresh leeks, which are crunchy and fresh. We also mix in a little chili pepper, and we stir-fry it with cooking wine, a little soy sauce and a little oyster sauce.”

Curry Chicken ($9.50; offthe-menu special)

Curry Chicken ($9.50; offthe-menu special)

Curry Chicken isn’t officially on the Asian Mix menu, but it’s a well-known favorite.

“We use an Indian yellow curry and the chicken is really tender,” Leung says. “The chicken is also cut in small sizes, mixed with green onions and carrots. This dish is cooked with more sauce, so it’s especially good with steamed rice, since it’s on the wet side.

“Because we have a lot of people constantly asking for this dish, we do offer it all the time and cook it, even though it’s not on the menu,” Leung adds. “People know we have it and they keep ordering it. A lot of locals and seniors like to eat rice, and this dish goes really well with it.”

Asian Mix

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