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January 1, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Peking Duck with Buns ($19.50 half, $36 whole)

Peking Duck with Buns ($19.50 half, $36 whole)

In preparing yourself to conquer the new year, there’s a lot to reflect on from 2016. Whether it was a year full of smart choices or unfortunate mistakes, take it upon yourself to make the right decision in 2017 with a fresh start at The Mandalay.

The downtown Chinese restaurant is well equipped to enter the new year with a delicious bang, offering a New Year’s Day dim sum buffet brunch ($23.99 adults; $18.99 seniors 60-plus; $14.99 kids 3-12 years old), as well as a dinner buffet ($29.99 adults; $25.99 seniors; $18.99 kids) that night. The beginning-ofthe-year spread includes all of your dim sum favorites, including a variety of select entrees from The Mandalay’s regular dining menu.

The dim sum brunch buffet also will be available the day after Chinese New Year (Jan. 28) to help patrons celebrate in true Chinese fashion, but The Mandalay will not be holding the dinner buffet that night.

Seafood with Vegetables in Taro Basket ($20.95 small, $38 large)

Seafood with Vegetables in Taro Basket ($20.95 small, $38 large)

As for any other day, bring the family together and feast family-style. Share items such as the prized Peking Duck with Buns ($19.50 half, $36 whole). The skin is perfectly crispy and brown, while the duck meat remains tender inside. Chunks of these juicy morsels can be stuffed in a plump bun, slathered in hoisin sauce, or plum sauce, and topped off with strings of green onion. Also try Steamed Oyster Rolls ($30 for eight pieces), which incorporates a traditional Chinese New Year’s ingredient: dried oysters. The rolls also include a tasty ground pork mixture and are smothered in a savory brown sauce. These rolls also can be ordered deep-fried ($25 for eight pieces).

And don’t forget that the beloved eatery is still the best locale to host all of your special events and momentous occasions, as it offers private rooms, a separate upstairs dining area and countless round tables for more intimate family gatherings.


It seems fitting that The Mandalay would feature Seafood with Vegetables in Taro Basket ($20.95 small, $38 large), as it is now The Year of The Rooster, and the “basket” in this dish also can resemble a delicious edible nest. The restaurant’s chefs weave shreds of taro and then deep-fry the creation to hold its shape. The crunchy nest is filled with a seafood stir-fry of shrimp, scallop, flaky white fish and squid, and is lastly garnished with broccoli florets.

The Mandalay

1055 Alakea St., Downtown Honolulu
Daily, 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96813

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