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Little Village is Up with the Chicken

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October 9, 2016

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: Missy Romero

Dining at Little Village is like escaping to the picturesque Chinese countryside.

Dining at Little Village is like escaping to the picturesque Chinese countryside.

Little Village Noodle House may be well-known for its Honey Walnut Shrimp and noodle dishes, but owner and partner David Chang wants to remind customers that the Chinatown eatery is their one-stop shop for all poultry cravings as well. Whether you’re in the mood for Lemon Grass Chicken ($10.50) or Steamed Chicken with Choi Sum ($10.50), Little Village has an extensive selection to choose from.

“Most people order a mix of chicken and shrimp,” Chang says. “Our classic chicken dishes are Orange Chicken ($10.50), Sichuan Spicy Chicken ($10.50) and Kung Pao Chicken ($10.50). We’ve been known for these dishes ever since we opened our doors.”

Kung Pao Chicken ($10.50)

Kung Pao Chicken ($10.50)

These three dishes feature boneless chicken, and each is distinct in terms of appearance and flavor. Of the three, Chang says Orange Chicken is the most popular. The savory chicken is flash-fried to a perfect crisp, then coated generously with a well-balanced sweet and tangy sauce.

“Our Orange Chicken has a really nice color,” Chang adds. “A lot of kids like it; they always request it. We even use real orange juice in the sauce.”

Sichuan Spicy Chicken — Chang’s personal favorite — is another crowd-pleaser, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not extremely spicy. This chicken is stir-fried in special sauces and comes topped with tender spinach leaves.

Orange Chicken ($10.50)

Orange Chicken ($10.50)

“It (the spice level) is tolerable to the average person, but you can always request to make it spicier,” Chang says. “In fact, people usually request to make it spicier.

“The chicken has very little sauce, but we use Sichuan pepper,” he explains. “That’s the chili pepper they use in that region of China. The Sichuan pepper doesn’t hit you right away (when you’re eating).”

As for Kung Pao Chicken, the dish is extremely popular among customers who want more veggies with their meal. These boneless chunks of chicken are topped with peanuts and chili peppers. “With this dish, you get more vegetables, including bell peppers and water chestnuts,” Chang says.

While customers can’t go wrong with the classic dishes at Little Village, Chang encourages individuals to try newer items off the Daily Specials menu. Current specials include Shiitake Mushroom Choi Sum ($13.95) and Duck Leg Ramen ($13.95). King Oyster Mushroom with Baby Spinach ($14.95), in particular, has been a hit so far, according to Chang. The vegetarian-friendly dish features popular Western-style vegetables in a garlic and oyster sauce that’s bursting with flavor.

Sichuan Spicy Chicken ($10.50)

Sichuan Spicy Chicken ($10.50)

“That’s a newer item and it’s been a big seller,” Chang confirms. “It’s available every day.”

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