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October 30, 2016

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Healthy Herb and House Special broths with an assortment of meat, vegetables and seafood.

Healthy Herb and House Special broths with an assortment of meat, vegetables and seafood.

With a seemingly endless supply of broths, sides and sauces, Sweet Home Cafe is the ideal hot-pot dining destination to enjoy great flavor combinations around the table with friends and family.

The Taiwanese-style hot-pot restaurant opened its doors in 2008 and still resides in Moiliili on South King Street, across from Old Stadium Park. Sweet Home Cafe features an interactive dining experience that allows guests to select their favorite broth, add meat, seafood or vegetables and cook everything to perfection before dipping each morsel into savory sauces.

“We’re family-friendly and offer more than 100 different side dishes, so the combinations with our soups and sauces are endless,” says head chef and manager Takuto Yasuda.

Assorted sauces add flavor to your hot-pot experience.

Assorted sauces add flavor to your hot-pot experience.

The chef developed his culinary passion and skills in Japan, and notes that Sweet Home Cafe stands out by serving up soups that are made fresh in-house. The friendly staff also takes pride in providing stellar customer service, as selections are brought to the table for cooking in a flash.

Sweet Home Cafe is known for its collection of 14 broths, including House Special ($8.95) and Healthy Herb ($8.95), the latter of which features red dates, goji berries and dragon-eye fruit. Summer Garlic ($9.95) was recently introduced and includes garlic, sesame oil and shoyu to provide sweet and tangy notes.

Side dishes, which are available to order from the conveniently positioned refrigerators alongside the dining room, are served on colored plates that make each selection’s price clear, ranging from $3 to $5. In addition to a host of fresh vegetable options, guests reach for beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork belly, as well as multiple seafood selections.

Sweet Home Cafe is located in Moiliili.

Sweet Home Cafe is located in Moiliili.

Flavorful sauces also help enhance one’s hot-pot creation, and Sweet Home Cafe has 12 varieties for diners to enjoy. Chef’s Chili Special is a zesty and spicy option, while the popular Homemade Shoyu offers a hint of sweetness and a rich, dark color.

Diners enjoy the complimentary dipping sauces and broth refills on the house by request, and are also treated to free shave ice — the perfect cool treat after enjoying one’s favorite soup concoction.

“Lots of our customers love spicy dishes, and they keep asking for more heat!” Yasuda says.

For a limited time, Sweet Home Cafe is offering a can’t-miss $15 deal to coincide with its eighth anniversary. (Diners are reminded to bring the accompanying coupon located in Dining Out on page 7 to take advantage of the offer). The appropriately titled “All-you-can-grab” special is available daily from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and includes a broth selection, small rice and unlimited side-dish plates from the refrigerator. Some exclusions apply, and add-on meats are available for $3 per plate.

Sweet Home Cafe

2334 S. King St., Moiliili
Daily, 4-11 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96826

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