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October 9, 2016

Story By: Caitlin Basilio |

Lanai Calamansi Slice ($4.75)

Lanai Calamansi Slice ($4.75)

Originally from the East Coast, Fendu Boulangerie chef and owner Niel Koep was chasing after an endless summer when he found himself here in Hawaii. With him, he brought years of bakery and fine-dining experience, and the knowledge and determination to open his own bakeshop located in Manoa Marketplace back in 2009.

Known for its 100-percent all natural goods and freshly baked breads, one really can’t go wrong with a visit to Fendu Boulangerie. The bakery also offers sweets, sandwiches, pizzas and other made-from-scratch meals.

Currently a special at Fendu is Lanai Calamansi Slice ($4.75). Using fresh calamansi from Koep’s sister-in-law’s home on Lanai, he put together this delectable treat. “The top layer is calamansi mousse, then a vanilla sponge cake, a layer of caramel creme and organic honey, and then the very bottom layer is a flourless chocolate cake,” explains Koep.

The baking guru goes on to say that the organic honey used in Lanai Calamansi Slice also is from Lanai, and Fendu sells it by the jar for $8.50.

Beer Bread ($5.95, Sundays only) ANTHONY CONSILLIO PHOTOS

Beer Bread ($5.95, Sundays only)

Another special going on throughout the month of October is Beer Bread ($5.95 for a loaf), available only on Sundays. “It’s a French sourdough bread, and we’re using Guinness beer as the water,” says Koep. “It also has wheat flour, rye flour, whole wheat and potato flour. Of course, the beer burns out as it bakes so there’s no alcohol in it. You don’t really taste the beer in there, but the fermentation goes well with the yeast and leaves you with nice, subtle flavors.”

Petite Croissant and Egg Sandwich ($5.50) is a customer favorite from the regular menu. According to Koep, it’s perfect for when patrons are in a hurry, as it’s served warm with bacon, egg and cheese. “This is one of our most popular breakfast items,” says Koep. “We make it really quick, unlike some of our other items, like our paninis, which take about 15 minutes.”

Fendu Boulangerie

Manoa Marketplace
2752 Woodlawn Drive,
No. 5-119, Honolulu

Honolulu, HI 96822

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