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September 9, 2016

Story By: Ali Resich | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Duck Breast with Five Spice and Red Wine Sauce ($24.95)

Duck Breast with Five Spice and Red Wine Sauce ($24.95)

Fans of JJ Bistro & French Pastry’s Euro-Asian cuisine and fine desserts will be happy to know that this month, head chef and owner JJ Luangkhot is introducing three new dishes to his fusion-filled menu.

Feeling it was time to bring in fresh flavors for his loyal customers of more than 15 years to enjoy, Luangkhot added a brand new lunch special: Soft Shell Crab BLT ($14.95; $8 for additional crab). The chef took inspiration for the dish from his popular deep-fried Soft Shell Crab appetizer. The same panko-coated crispy crab goes into the Western-style sandwich, and true to the BLT name, the dish also features bacon, lettuce and tomato. Luangkhot uses avocado and a creamy kick of maple Dijon mustard as well.

Chef JJ also is putting something new inside his famous display case of elegant French pastries. Infused with dreamy tropical ingredients, refreshing Lychee Lime with Flourless Chocolate Cake ($5.25, gluten-free) is the latest sweet-tooth pleaser, and as Luangkhot explains, it won’t disappoint chocoholics.

“The flavor is like a cold souffle, so you get a stronger chocolate flavor,” he says.

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Originally from Laos, but classically trained in French cooking and pastry making, JJ Bistro chef and owner JJ Luangkhot is known for bringing together a diverse range of Eastern flavorings and traditional

European cooking techniques. One of his new creations, Duck Breast with Five Spice and Red Wine Sauce ($24.95), falls in line with this culinary point of view.

Paying homage to Asian-style roasted duck, the moist meat is slow-cooked in the oven for over two hours and seasoned with Chinese five-spice. It is then given a Euro twist with a deeply flavorful red-wine reduction sauce, which is finished with cream and a medley of vegetables.

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