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August 7, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Tsunami Maki ($7.99) FILE PHOTO

Tsunami Maki ($7.99) FILE PHOTO

Why limit yourself to a single component of sushi when you can have all of them in one item? The simplicity of nigiri — down to the perfect molding of sushi rice and the neatly placed cut of fish — is no doubt a delicacy, but recently, the sushi world has seen intricate rolls towered high with fish and drenched in multi-colored sauces. These sushi rolls mix in Japanese food of the fried, raw and pickled variety, enticing diners with combinations beyond their wildest imaginations.

Kozo Sushi at Kahala Mall is one of the best places customers can go to obtain these magical rolls, and you can start with Dragon Maki ($7.99). Crispy shrimp tempura is rolled in sushi rice and nori and topped with spicy ahi. Unagi (similar to a teriyaki) and spicy sauces are drizzled over the roll, which is cut into eight bite-sized pieces. There’s a mix of slightly sweet and explosively savory flavors, with added crunch from the shrimp. It’s the perfect example of experiencing all the best of sushi and Japanese cuisine in one bite.

Dragon Don ($7.99)  L. TABUDLO PHOTO

Dragon Don ($7.99) L. TABUDLO PHOTO

Trying to stay away from fried foods? Catch this wave of flavor with Tsunami Maki ($7.99). It includes a California roll with ahi poke stacked on top, and features sweet chili, unagi and spicy sauces, as well as tempura chips and green onions. The maki roll is cut into eight pieces and is perfect for sharing or savoring one piece at a time.

The longtime establishment also has nigiri and more traditional sushi options, including various Party Plates to choose from, which are perfect for large get-togethers and special events. But these beloved maki rolls are flying out of the kitchen, no doubt because of the quality and freshness of the ingredients used, and the fact that the purchasing price is right.

For customers who like to keep things simple, but still want the intricate flavors of a maki roll, Kozo Sushi has created “don” versions, or rice bowls. For instance, Dragon Don ($7.99) offers three tempura shrimp on a bed of sushi rice, nori, a generous helping of spicy ahi and unagi and spicy sauces — think of it as a deconstructed Dragon Maki.

As sushi branches out from the traditional, food lovers everywhere may begin to experience the vast variety that Japanese food has to offer. It also would be wise to stop in at Kozo Sushi Kahala — or any of the other four locations on the island — as the to-go restaurant already is ahead of the game and “rolling” with the times.

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