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February 2, 2016

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

If you assumed your Genki Sushi experience comes standard at every location, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

While each Genki Sushi restaurant does feature a consistent main menu, every location offers specials unique to that specific restaurant.

This is a recent concept that’s designed to give each location more individuality, according to David Moon, director of purchasing and operations for Genki Sushi USA.

“Besides the basic menu, each store makes their own specials,” Moon confirms. “For example, specials at the Pearlridge location include the Fried Philly Roll ($5), Spicy Wontons ($5) and Garlic Unagi ($4).”

The Spicy Wontons are the most popular of the Pearlridge location specials, according to Moon. The dish features spicy tuna atop wonton crackers and it’s topped with chili sauce, unagi sauce and green onions. Other well-liked specials include Stuffed Mussels ($5) and Stuffed Wontons ($5).

“The mussels have a crab and mushroom stuffing, and they’re coated with mussel sauce and garnished with cabbage,” explains Wendell Gambol, assistant manager. “Our Stuffed Wontons also feature the crab and mushroom stuffing, but it comes in wonton wrap. The wontons are fried for a minute or two and served with our special, creamy sauce.”

Another popular special is the Caterpillar Roll ($4), which is as beautiful as it is tasty.

“It includes shrimp tempura inside and has avocado on top,” says Amado Garlitos, restaurant manager at the Pearlridge eatery. “There’s three different sauces on top: chili sauce, spicy sauce and unagi sauce.”

The specials at the Pearl-ridge location change daily, but popular specials like Spicy Wontons are usually available, according to Kyra Olaso, the front-of-the-house main supervisor.

“We try to change up our specials so we don’t have the same things all the time,” she confirms. “We add something new about every other week, depending on how creative the kitchen gets.”

The Pearl-ridge location, which opened last November, is the newest Genki Sushi restaurant on Oahu. It’s also the fourth to feature the innovative Express System, by which customers can order via iPad and receive their sushi favorites through a double-rail sushi delivery system.

“Our restaurant has a dual system,” Moon says. “One side of our restaurant just has the express system, but we also have a conveyor belt.

“Eventually, though, as the stores (are renovated), our hope is to include this Express System in all of them,” he adds.

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