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February 16, 2016

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Sweetheart Chicken ($14.50)

Sweetheart Chicken ($14.50)

This Valentine’s Day, indulge in Wailana Coffee House’s love-inspired dishes. Available today only, the beloved restaurant is offering a “heart-y” menu to help celebrate the romantic occasion.

After 46 years in the restaurant business, Wailana has found its way to patrons’ hearts, which unsurprisingly is through their stomachs. The eatery’s casual American classics are maximized in this Valentine’s Day menu, especially with Sweetheart Chicken ($14.50).

A buttered and roasted half chicken sits atop a good portion of macadamia nut stuffing. The dish is drenched in white wine sauce with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, which helps keep everything juicy and tender.

All Valentine’s Day entrees come with a ticket to the salad bar, corn on the cob, a drink and a choice of starch: baked or mashed potato, french fries or rice.

Prime Rib ($17.95)

Prime Rib ($17.95)

The sweetest part of the meal comes at the end, however, as all entrees include a sugary treat for dessert. Strawberry Shortcake with a swirl of whipped topping is almost as divine as your sweetheart, but not quite, of course.

Meat lovers are sure to fall in love with this holiday menu, because nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than the pinky-red middle of a 9-ounce, medium-rare slab of Prime Rib ($17.95). Roasted slowly and seasoned well, Wailana’s prime rib with au jus and creamy horseradish is a match made in carnivore heaven.

The Valentine’s Day menu will be available from 11 a.m. to midnight, reservations are not required and validated parking is offered in the restaurant’s parking garage. What more is there to think about? Join Wailana Coffee House on this special day, because after all, where there is good food, there is love.

Wailana Coffee House

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